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Ricky Eat Acid "Three Love Songs" (RIYL Chillwave/Downtempo)

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Ltd to 250 Copies 1/2 is Royal Blue the other is Baby Blue (Baby Blue is nearly sold out!)


All of this from the website:


"Each order includes:

• Three Love Songs 12" 
• 4x6 photo print by Sam Ray 
• Lyrics / credit sheet printed on pink construction paper 
• Oolong tea bag 
• Orchid Tapes sticker 
• Personalized thank-you note"



Record is 20$ and shipping is 7.50 (yikes!) but Ricky Eat Acid sort of has a cult following.

Also there is a B-Sides only cassette that is available for purchase on the same BigCartel site.





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He goes to school with me and I've been to house shows at his place multiple times and anyone who saw the Elvis Depressedly show in Baltimore where Teen Suicide played a secret set knows what I'm talking about. Dude is a total attention whore, will put himself on stage during every band and will try to push himself to the front to song into the mic when the bands clearly don't want him to, it's pretty sad how wrapped up in ones self someone can be

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