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  1. he's def not trolling, the last part of the article is too detailed to be anything other than actual thoughts. for some reason though this doesn't surprise me and i don't think it diminishes my enjoyment of the deftones either. it's actually pretty hilarious. edit: i take that back i think the covid stuff did decrease my enjoyment of the band a little bit lol
  2. no factual evidence to back it up but like i said he was insane 7 or 8 years ago so i cant imagine how good he is now. this band doesnt tour much too so a guy at his level is just woodshedding at home anyway. id be very surprised if it wasnt the same guy, that level of skill isnt easy to find locally outside of paying for session musicians. i met him at that festival, i still remember him being super nice. he had gauges and a shaved head or buzz. i told him that the production on desolate peaks didnt capture how nuts he was, the record before this newest one was sooo good though. this genre is kinda dead now. it kinda got killed by this new party emo stuff. glad the genre got one last mega ripper, most skramz coming out these days is bad/kinda derivative too imo. these dudes were always too tier for me but the new one is still unexpectedly masterful. drumming is def the highlight but the whole band is really talented. super cool riffs, they have a lot of style, and the tones on this and the last one are killer, id be really curious to what amps they play.
  3. haha damn sorry man i didnt even know, threw a t shirt in my bag and checked out, total was high enough cause of the shipping and i just saw at the end that they knocked it down to five, wasnt sure what the discount was for. still a good deal considering it was a $5 record and the limited variant... if thetes anything else you want id cop, this record is unreal and the band really deserves the hype/money anyway. saw them ages ago at some random fest in virginia i drove in for. like 30 bands came but fucking nobody bought tickets. it was me, my friends, and a handful of locals... lots of cool shit like 2 guitar tiny moving parts, whenskiesaregrey, into it over it, and i think old gray played but ive seen them so many times i dont really remember. state faults played tho circa desolate peaks (?) and it was easily the best set of the whole weekend. their drummer is unreal.
  4. just copped this record for five bucks on some no sleep sale? but then 12 shipping balanced it out
  5. looks like baby blue is back up if anybody from this thread who missed it wants it https://www.fye.com/the-damned-things---high-crimes-exclusive-baby-blue-vinyl-fye.000000727361482541.html
  6. Man, never thought this band would release a song like that new single, hope the rest of the album is nothing like that. I really loved Book Burner, but I am not feeling that new one. I can see why they would want to change it up, Scott Hull has gotta be having a harder time writing riffs with how many the dude has already put out, but Army of Cops is super bland. Has anyone heard the dynamic mix of Book Burner that they put out with the /100 variant on release? No idea why they didn't release that as the real mix. It's way better, like listening to a different album, the "release" production job sounds super flat by comparison.
  7. Def feeling the He Is Legend vibes, this reminds me a ton of I Am Hollywood with a dash of ETID chaos. I didn't like the track posted that much at first but I've returned to it and the other singles quite a few times since, I think this album is going to be nuts.
  8. Not sure if anybody wants to do this because they are pretty expensive, but I'm looking to grab a couple of the guitar pedals Kurt is selling at the show. They are selling out every night, I'm after any of them except for the SBD Fuzz. If anybody wants to grab one or two for me, PM me, I will not only reimburse you costs+shipping but I will also send you four or five records as a thank you, DW stuff or similar, I have a big collection and could use to make some space so just let me know what you like. My buddy saw them last night (which is why I have the SBD fuzz) and said they were killer, hope everyone going enjoys.
  9. I've got test presses for Hell Songs and S/t if you wanna pm me an offer
  10. I was at The Bomb Factory show that they played. Jesse seemed to be in really good spirits and said that they were still going to play some more shows after the European tour. I always hear people telling stories about "I was at that band's last show" and now I find myself wondering if that will be the last show they ever play. Seems pretty likely to me. If anyone's curious the show itself was quite good but the venue was horrible. Overpacked and people were literally either talking through the quiet parts all around me or screaming so loud during the songs/singing along that I could barely hear the band. The SF songs were the most enjoyable because people didn't know the words. That venue has terrible sound though. It also seemed pointless to have three guitars on stage and just muddied the sound. Worst time I've seen them for sure. Did anybody else actually hear these rumors before? I had always heard the Johnny Craig stuff, that was constantly posted online, but I never saw anything about Jesse honestly. I can't say it's surprising, he always seemed kind of.... idk, dark? Not a great descriptor but I struggle for the right word. Even before this news broke, there was always something aggressive about his writing persona, even on YFW. He seemed like an artist I would've been afraid to meet, intimidating. Like many here I considered Brand New's catalog to be one of the best in modern music so this is a pretty terrible way to end it. I imagine this thread has been a real rollercoaster across 100 pages.
  11. Damn, I've seen Glassjaw a few times, but all the shows were right around the time of their resurgence. I caught one of the EP release shows (it was the John Lennon one, the 7 inches got mobbed and I couldn't get one lol) and I caught the Brand New/Thrice/Glassjaw show they did out in LI. I think I saw them one more time but I'm struggling to place it so maybe it was just 2. But anyway, both shows Daryl sounded absolutely amazing. The LI show was a stadium show and he sounded unreal, and the EP release was a tiny bar. Both were madness. He was doing all the death growls, cleans were perfect. I always kind of considered him a vocalist that just had insane talent and consistently slayed live but it's crazy to hear that he has bad nights. I wish I could've seen them with 2 guitars, some of the W&T songs just don't feel whole without that 2nd guitar. Not seeing them on this new tour because I'm not into The Used. Chino Moreno I think of as another vocalist that always destroys live. Did anyone else catch the Deftones on their most recent tour with Rise Against? It was the best time I've seen them yet, Steph was running like a Fractal setup or something because he didn't have an amp head on stage, his tone was massive, and Chino looked great. He had lost some weight and had tons of energy, was dancing and generally moving all over the place. He ad libbed a bunch of parts and did some really crazy vocal stuff that wasn't on record. He did like, idk, this "evil villain" laugh at the end of Elite that I don't think I've ever heard from them before live, destroyed the entire set and never missed a note. I legitimately couldn't believe how good they sounded and it was a huge stadium show. Edit: oh and Rise Against was so much worse than I though they were going to be. They are absolutely terrible live iMO.
  12. I'm just getting into Pale Emperor, Killing Strangers I think is one of MM's best songs but the second half of the record seems to slow down considerably. Thoughts?
  13. I'm so torn on this record. I got into Manson's stuff recently, I was a child of the 90s but never got into MM's stuff for whatever reason, too intense I guess lol. I discovered AS last year and it's so insane, one of the best albums I've ever heard. Those 3 are classics (Holy Wood has a couple weak tracks for me, not huge on A Place in the dirt/The Nobodys, but the rest rules). Golden Age is kind of alluring for its weirdness but is pretty terrible. I want to like Heaven Upside Down, something about it I like more than his last few but its hard to put my finger on. It's not terrible and it is honestly a pretty strong front to back listen but none of it stands out and a bunch of it is still pretty cringy/just doesn't work as well as the old stuff. Just a contradictory album, hard to discuss for whatever reason. Feels like pretty stock MM, but there's something I can't put my finger on that is keeping me listening. Hoping it grows on me, I know his vocals will never be what they once were but there's some potential on this record for sure.
  14. Love the intro/outro tracks. I think the only weak songs are Waste (just seems a little unremarkable) and No Control for the same reason despite channeling some nice Deja/YFW vibes. Desert is a little weird, doesn't sound like something I'd expect from them, but great in the context of the album and killer guitar playing. Not quite as good as Devil and God but definitely phenomenal.

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