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  1. So it was an extra $20 for a Box Car signature, and free for AVA lol.
  2. I've never bought one of the magazines before, but love Alien so I'll probably get it with the timed release. When the magazine is labeled as "hyper-limited" though.... how limited do you think that is lol. I wasn't planning on ordering until the weekend
  3. /175. It was posted on Mondo's site early, and sold out before the actual Alien announcement. So I'm sure Mondo didn't include the variant in their announcement to prevent people from getting angry ha
  4. Was anyone else able to snag the Alien variant print that went up today?
  5. Seen the band name a lot and never listened them. But boy did I enjoy those two songs in the OP! Gonna give this whole album a listen now
  6. I just got my shipping email about an hour ago!
  7. These guys just signed with Fearless Records not too long ago. Their first album "What We're Missing" really hit home with me and I've been digging them for a while now. Excited for this album and their future gatefold /500
  8. I'm out of Nashville for medical school rotations, and sadly Knoxville doesn't have a pop up shop. There are some nice record shops here though so I was surprised at that
  9. I have a friend close to Atlanta who is probably going to stop by the pop up shop (she better, because I need a copy myself ha) If she goes I'll ask her to pick up an extra
  10. I know that happened with Amber Pacific's singer though lol
  11. Figured I'd update the thread with the other songs. One more week!
  12. Dang! that's really cool of him to do that. Couldn't imagine doing that 300x though haha
  13. If you were able to get a refund, I'd definitely take the risk man. If it screws up again, just refund again ha. But I talked to my brother.. his and mine both play all the way through completely fine
  14. wtf $35 for the album and $15 as the only option for shipping for me
  15. The blink-related splatter series journey has been quite the ride
  16. Nice!! Wanting to wait for a coupon code to bulk order with a few other things.. but I'm like 0/5 on records selling out when I wait lol. Stoked to finally have this.
  17. I've seen their name around a lot, and finally gave em a listen with this post. Really enjoyed this song!!
  18. Well damn, I missed the 20% off sale. Anybody know some valid coupon codes?
  19. PO: Amazon and Andrew McMahon bundles Album out: February 10th Full AM facebook post: I wrote this album in the middle of a whirlwind, when the future was unclear. Isn't it always? I found my way to the city, thinking I could settle a score with a ghost. You can't, so I came home and rewrote the ending. I'm proud announce my new album, "Zombies on Broadway,” is coming on February 10th. I spent more than a year hoping to find new answers to old questions. What I found; I have always been two people; One in search of peace and the other in search of whatever makes my hair stand up and my heart beat faster. This record is mostly about the latter. You'll be able to pre-order the album starting next Friday, November 18th through my webstore and digitally on all your favorite outlets. A new song “Brooklyn, You’re Killing Me” will also be released alongside the pre-order. To celebrate, we’re heading out on the Zombies in America tour early next year. Clever name, right? We're bringing out two bands that we love and have a feeling you will too, if you don't already. They're called Atlas Genius and Night Riots and they melt faces with their live performances. In hopes of convincing you further, we're going to bring out a really inventive production. Life's too short not to blow off some confetti and wear reflective clothing, or something like that. It’ll be fun, so see below for details and get ready for a good time. Pre-sale starts this Monday, November 14th at 10am local. Sign up to my mailing list by Saturday to get first dibs on the pre-sale code (it’s on the bottom of my website - General on sale starts Friday, November 18th at 10am local. THE ZOMBIES IN AMERICA TOUR w/ ATLAS GENIUS AND NIGHT RIOTS -
  20. I feel you Buffbloom. We could easily pay off our national debt if we just printed more money, too
  21. there's a new half white/half black variant now in the bundles
  22. they posted about new bundles and stuff for the anniversary edition. gold vinyl /1000. Not sure about the box set numbers
  23. eBay listing is up! Only $150!