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  1. I also have a 10% code if somebody wants it!
  2. Just got some in stock guys! http://sherwoodband.bigcartel.com/product/a-different-light-vinyl-2x-lp
  3. "We have both available in the dropdown menu on that page. The Gold LP comes with the alternate cover, and the regular Vinyl LP comes with the standard cover. Thanks!"
  4. Well damn. I had went ahead and emailed them about it the other day just to see what they said, and they had said it was the alternate cover lol.
  5. Let us know if it has the alternate cover still! These may just be a few leftover deluxe records from when they did sell the /100 cover
  6. Yeah I got my copy about a week after the shipping confirmation. Same with my brother in another state.
  7. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    I didn't get the CD, nor have I received a shipping email lol. Let me know when you get a response.
  8. There's a dark blue/magenta smash tour variant shown with presale ticket orders as well
  9. various download codes

    snagged one! thanks!!
  10. Awesome! That's a pretty cool idea to post the sheet music/lyrics for people to put their own spin on the song for now before the release. Gonna give it a go myself
  11. Yeah they did. It sold by itself for half the day maybe, then switched to bundles.
  12. They should have at least one going back up eventually! I decided to cancel a large merchnow order of mine yesterday for some extra Christmas gift money ha
  13. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Edit: got posted late. nevermind.
  14. Vinyl Record Cataloging Site

    or you could use discogs
  15. Hanson Greatest Hits 3xLP for all the mmmboppers https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/hanson-middle-of-everywhere-the-greatest-hits-limited-3xlp?category=vinyl-records-cassettes
  16. Tom Petty

    Same feelings here. Almost had the chance to see him on his last tour, but couldn't get off work. Very shitty day indeed.
  17. I know they'll sell somehow, but those prices are ridiculous lol
  18. Got mine in on Monday from here. Though the links currently on the site aren't ones I ordered from (even though they still talk about being colored). The links I ordered from are all sold out
  19. Did anyone else get their order canceled due to being out of stock? I had ordered when there were about 30 copies left.
  20. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    better watch what you say before people start upvoting you out of jealousy, Kanye. You're a /1 super limited very very rare never-to-be-created-again downvoted profile in a Brand New thread where anything is possible
  21. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    You are most correct my good fellow!