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  1. I'm still waiting to see some sort of variant pop up somewhere!
  2. Same thing here, but I've been waiting for a reason to swap for Nina Simone. Looks like this is the month.
  3. BTW, Bullmoose now has the Coke Bottle Clear listed
  4. yes, I received a shipping notice from BM yesterday
  5. Officially 9am PST though it often opens a few minutes early
  6. Agreed, there was so much good music in Season 1
  7. I binged the first 7 episodes this weekend and promptly ordered the album this morning. The music is so good!
  8. I finally got around to listening to this - wow, it sounds incredible! Here's hoping we get a similar package for ATYCLB soon.
  9. They must have recently added that description as I could have sworn it wasn't there earlier today! Thanks for the heads up.
  10. Yeah, my VMP shipments usually take 7-10 days to get to me in SF. Crazy.
  11. I'm going to wait for the VMP announcement and if it's not Phoenix, definitely going to order from their webstore
  12. I ordered from the National store and got a download - it was in the confirmation email (bold mine) The National thanks you - your order is confirmed and has been received! This charge will appear on your statement from STORE 08 You can access your music to download by clicking here. Please note that music files must first be downloaded to a computer before being transferred to a mobile device.
  13. Might as well put a preorder in on UK to lock in this price, you can always cancel if it shows up on .com
  14. Ordered - thanks!
  15. I'm also curious on this...the album is up for PO on Bull Moose and Amoeba but they don't mention color - that kinda leads me to believe this is a webstore exclusive?