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  1. This is so pretty. Hoping I can find it on release day at my local.
  2. I'll be at the Sunday matinee. My first time seeing the National was at the Greek opening for Modest Mouse and R.E.M. It's the perfect venue for them.
  3. I just saw an instagram ad for the cd at Target - $8.99 and it comes w an exclusive patch
  4. pretty sure it crackles because you cleaned it with windex
  5. Excited for this! Album looks amazing, can't wait to hear it.
  6. If your point is mute how can we hear it?
  7. Finally got mine in today - can't wait to spin it!
  8. My not so sob story - woke up in time to see the 6131 sold out and went to order the Matador splatter on my phone. I didn't remember my Matador password and thought I'd just order once I got to work since my password is stored on my work computer - get to work and it's sold out. So if anyone bought two splatters and is having buyer's remorse, let me know!
  9. Louisville, KY trip

    Bumping this as I'll be in Louisville in September...does anyone have any advice on bourbon tasting on the Eastern part of the trail? Right now we're pretty much thinking Buffalo Trace, lunch at the BBQ spot there, Woodford Reserve, then Four Roses. BUT I hear Four Roses has some construction going on so we are considering swapping it out and doing Wild Turkey as our last stop instead. Oh, and coincidentally we have a reservation at MilkWood! Thinking about also going to the Garage for dinner on our second night in town.
  10. Finally! And they are a couple bucks cheaper on Bullmoose: http://www.bullmoose.com/search?q=conblon&upc=602557746815,602557746877,602557746914,602557750805,602557747058
  11. Thanks, just grabbed a pair for the SF show
  12. Does anyone have the Spotify presale password? If so, I'd love it if you could share it (assuming it's not user specific)
  13. Crazy to think I started this thread in December because I couldn't find Malibu on vinyl and since then there have been like 5 variants.
  14. Grabbed that Alanis finally, thanks!
  15. Yeah, i'm going to wait a bit to see what the actual preorder options are - if there's a cool variant for $25-$30 I might choose that. Otherwise, $20 shipped for 2lp is pretty good