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  1. We Got the Power is so good
  2. Bullmoose posted prices - looks like B.I.G. is around $31
  3. Bullmoose tweeted about this last week:
  4. Everybody's doing VMP referral code:

  5. Grabbed this, thanks!
  6. Does anyone have RTS in hand yet? Curious (hoping) if it's a gatefold.
  7. Grabbed a FJM as soon as the store opened with my activation credit, glad I didn't wait!
  8. Here's a look at the Joshua Tree boxset:
  9. Whitney - Light Upon the Lake (Red Japan Edition) Gin Blossoms - New Miserable Experience (Rusty Brown) The Japanese House - Swim Against the Tide ep (Dark Green)
  10. I was a member months ago, got this in an email today: I want to reactivate my membership, what do I do? Awesome! Happy to hear. You have until March 16, 2017 to reactivate your membership and lock in the current pricing. As an added bonus, if you reactivate before March 16, 2017 we will give you $25 in VMP Store credit. Keep in mind, multi-month plans will have unlimited SWAPs! Just click the button below to reactivate your membership, and say hello to $25 in VMP Store credit!
  11. New song, Champagne Supernova. I'm loving it.
  12. Agreed, and it's not being released until June so we definitely have time to figure out if it's going to be worth it.
  13. This is so tempting...I was assuming it would be well over $200 but at Bullmoose it's $180 shipped (and no tax to CA) which makes it a bit more manageable. Part of me feels as though I don't NEED all the extras but then again it's one of my all time favorite albums.
  14. Holding out for that or Indie exclusive (c'mon, @bullmoose !!!)
  15. I'm loving Green Light