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  1. Not a massive deal, but the Singles Soundtrack is 10% off for Prime Day and it dropped a few dollars in price as well. I got it shipped for $25 even.
  2. Deicide - Legion $13.23 (Prime Eligible) (Hail Satan)
  3. David Bowie - Aladdin Sane $13.06 (Prime Exclusive)
  4. Death - Leprosy $11.47 (Prime eligible)
  5. Nice! I missed the first round of variants and ordered the black on Amazon a week ago. Gonna return it and get this.
  6. VC meetup in the men's bathroom at Haulover Beach this weekend? Saturday and Sunday are both good for me.
  7. Some kick ass crossover thrash for $12.99 w/ Prime. Pretty much the same price as everywhere else but wit dat free 2 day shipping: Power Trip - Nightmare Logic Power Trip - Manifest Decimation
  8. Location: Ft. Lauderdale? Go on...
  9. Awesome, thanks for your advice. I wish I could put the speakers on separate stands but unfortunately don't have the space. I've been thinking about getting a new cart since I've been doing less DJing, so that will be my next move. I looked into the preamp on the S4 and it seems Native Instruments are using the same preamp they used in their Audio 8/10 etc interfaces, which are great boxes. So I'll stick with it.
  10. Audiophiles, I need your help. So here's my setup: I DJ sometimes, but lately it's more so just regular listening. Unless someone knows something I don't, the Traktor S4 in the middle has a phono preamp built in. It has a phono input and sounds fine. I have an Onkyo amp (top right corner) that I believe was intended to extend an existing system. It's different than a receiver, it just has a single set of RCA L & R inputs and outputs in the back. There is a small volume knob on the amp that I leave at about half-way, and I use the controller to adjust the volume. I run the output from the Traktor S4 into the amp (probably obvious). My mom got the Onkyo years ago and never used it, so I took it, and it's been kicking for about 10 years and works beautifully. Above the amp, I have a speaker switch box. My speakers are pretty budget, the outside ones are Sony's but had good reviews, and the ones on the window shelf thing are Yahama's that are decent sounding to me as well. I'm no audiophile however. I have the Yahama's so I can turn them around and listen to them in the room behind. Right now, I'm listening to both sets at once, and it sounds good to my ears. It seems to bring out the mids a lot more, and I still hear the stereo separation. Is there any reason I shouldn't be doing this? Before I start rambling more, I guess I'm just looking for someone knowledgeable to critique what I'm working with. My apologies if this has been addressed before, I did a couple searches but couldn't find anything relevant. And thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks! It's a Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster, so it mumbles slowly and incoherently. Or maybe that's my playing.
  12. I just added the 666th record to my collection so what better time to share my adult play area: