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  1. Wish I saw this 2 hours ago.
  2. Dictionary.com word of the day must have been "ostinato."
  3. PO: Direct Hit! - Domesplitter

    Repress, please.
  4. These have been sitting on the shelves in the parks for years for $10 more.
  5. I used to have this poster hanging in my room. Cool to have it again after all these years.
  6. Alternatively, I think it's great and will listen to it many times. Weird how taste works.
  7. Best band, one of the best soundtracks. Sounds very Residents-ish, which is fine by me.
  8. If you own this: I will give you an agreed upon sum of cash in exchange for it. Must be rolled by someone that knows what they're doing and shipped in a sturdy tube. Let's make a deal.
  9. I hope you plan on leaving them negative feedback.
  10. I think it's mostly that I'm just incredibly unlucky. Like the last guy said, Mondo's whole business is built on flippers and they've never done anything to try to stop it.
  11. Shit, you're telling me. Gotta love the random variant game.
  12. I ordered 4 and got all black. Seems like most of the people that only ordered one got a variant.
  13. Good for you. Try doing your own thing on a Stout print drop. It's amazing how many people will argue with someone just trying to give accurate advice. All it takes is a scroll through Mondo's twitter timeline to see that most of their drops happen around 11:50. But you guys keep on F5ing between 11:15 and 11:45. Hell, I'm not even nice enough to give anyone accurate info or tips on Mondo drops, there's enough competition as it is.