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  1. @jon720 please keep all of your sales listed in this thread. Please do not bump this thread more than once every 24 hours. If you have any further questions take a look at our S/T/W Rules & Guidelines sticky - http://boards.vinylcollective.com/forum/5-saletradewants/
  2. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    I've given this album a good handful of listens by now and still just find it OK. I feel like I'm listening to Radiohead or something :/
  3. Thanks for the heads up, but I had my wife send me my card number via text haha.
  4. Right? Of course I find this out the day I forget my goddamn wallet at home.
  5. Looking for a certain genre

    We had a thread with tons of stuff in it, lurk away my friend! http://boards.vinylcollective.com/topic/114381-casual-discussion-in-a-dome-between-two-temples-emo-revival-recommendations/
  6. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    I wanna share my National origin story too... Never heard of these guys until I saw them play Blood Buzz Ohio live on Mark Hoppus's short lived Fuse show (Amy Schumer was his co-host, it was a weird time). I was working graveyard shift at the time and was off that night, was full of malt liquor at 4am, and rewound/ watched them play this song 10 times in a row. The next afternoon I woke up and immediately imported a purple copy of High Violet because it was the only copy I could find available online at the time. Ebay mark up, good times.
  7. Track list: 1. A Headache With Pictures 2. My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist) 3. You Can't Stay Safe 4. Let's. Get. Dangerous. 5. Thunderbolts! 6. Planes, Chest Pains, and Automobiles 7. Golgotha 8. Profane Geometry 9. Invisible Ink 10. Ruinous Calamity 11. To Shreds, You Say?
  8. Worse than the album title itself?
  9. Me too. Nothing from this album ever clicked with me. I would've preferred more Rob Crowe solo stuff over this.
  10. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    What in the actual fuck?
  11. This new song is killer! Erica Freas guest vocals? Bought the shit out of the splatter variant. Glad I didn't miss it, usually IC does their coolest color /200 and they sell out before I know about them.
  12. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    My copy is pretty damn solid opaque blue. I didn't try holding it up to lamp or anything though lol. Sounds amazing overall, really great pressing.
  13. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    Need to spend more time with this. So far I like the C/D disc a lot more than the A/B, but Trouble Will Find Me didn't grab me off the bat either.
  14. Since these types of threads keep popping up like weeds- First thing is first, new users, check http://www.discogs.com first! 9 times out of 10 you can find more precise and accurate information there. Can't identify an album? Look for a serial number on the jacket or for one etched into the record towards the label. Curious as to what a record is worth? We probably have no idea here. Seriously. The value of any record is determined by the after market. What might be worth $300 to a dude in Nova Scotia might be found in every $.10 thrift store record bin here in the US. If this information can't be found on Discogs or eBay then you're kind of out of luck.
  15. As far as I knew it wasn't specified as to whether it was cut beforehand or if the victim used both on his own accord. I genuinely don't know what the details were and I'm not implying anything. Also one could argue that it's an individual's choice to use or not. Black markets are full of shady pieces of shit, however this guy voluntarily used an extremely dangerous substance. Throwing the book at this dealer doesn't make the idea of using heroin in the first place any less stupid.
  16. A couple of you might remember the This Is The End of Everything You Love tape I did via @Hot Vodka Records a few years ago, Davey from that project and I started a band with our buddy Mike. The songs we recorded earlier this month are on bandcamp, pay-what-you-want (aka free). Fuzzy garage stuff by a bunch of drunk assholes who really like AJJ and PUP. https://supercrimes.bandcamp.com
  17. My new band just put out our first EP...

    (psst... Anyone who buys it off Bandcamp for more than $5 before Tuesday is getting limited cassette copy for no extra charge)
  18. Damn. Seems like he's boned regardless.
  19. I've seen people saying that Gontard was running shit, not dealing it. If that's the case they'll probably cut him a deal if he rats out the dealer. He might as well, being a snitch isn't nearly as bad as going to prison for 25 years.
  20. Someone pointed out to me on another platform that if it's a felony charge it's considered murder, if it's a misdemeanor then it's manslaughter. Not sure how true that is, but that could be the case.
  21. Saw this on Punknews. I'm assuming the heroin wasn't cut with fentanyl and the victim used both on his own accord. It's kinda weird he'd get a third degree murder charge. Wouldn't Involuntary Manslaughter be more fitting?
  22. My new band just put out our first EP...

    Thanks brother. We're aiming to be the musical equivalent of Pauly Shore, but Pauly Shore now not his '92 Spring Break form.
  23. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Of course, they're not about to pass up the opportunity to sit on 10-20 copies they can mark them up by 30% and put them in their Vinyl Groove section when it becomes harder to find.