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  1. And Blue Sky Noise Deluxe? That's one of my favorites in my collection.
  2. Just got an email from Amazon saying the release date of the deluxe version has changed to December 31st, 2018 (which means they have no idea, in assuming). So either they sold too many, or it really is getting pushed back.
  3. I've just never seen or heard of anyone doing that before.
  4. Some people already started receiving their VIP orders in the mail today. Checked the status of my order and it hasn't even shipped yet.
  5. So it sounds like the deluxe version will have similar packaging to the deluxe of A Moon Shaped Pool. Also, it's nice to have some clarity that the art book is included in the retail versions of the deluxe.
  6. Just preordered the indie exclusive. High hopes for this release.
  7. Great. Ordered from Amazon, thanks guys.
  8. Did I miss if the Deluxe Vinyl + Art Book was limited at all? Want to order it, but wasn't sure if I had a day or so.
  9. What's the point of a sealed CD?
  10. These two records were the only two I listened to from the band. Haven't listened to them in ten years probably.
  11. Ben Folds and Thrice are all I'm interested in this year. Hopefully they won't be hard to get.
  12. Received both copies from Bull Moose today. So far they sound great. The packaging is top notch, too.
  13. Brand new. Never played. Already own the RSD version, can't afford to own both copies at the moment. $70 shipped.
  14. Nice. I emailed them a while back concerning the digital download and haven't heard back. Were the test presses expensive?
  15. Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is a great record to listen to next. Girls Can Tell, A Series of Sneaks, and Kill The Moonlight are my other favorites.
  16. htcustsvc@hottopic.com (from their website)
  17. Kind of want that pink/black marble.
  18. so much for "all sales being final"
  19. waiting for an Amazon PO
  20. Hoping I get a shipping notification today from Bullmoose (too).