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  1. Have the black / silver on the way now. Hope it doesn’t look like shit.
  2. Yeah the fold out packaging is different for sure.
  3. Ad did I. I was worried they wouldn’t cancel it when I read on their site all sales for vinyl were final, but yeah that was a no brainer.
  4. I just placed a new order, and requested my existing order be canceled. It’s been a while since I’ve ordered through MerchNow, but I don’t ever remember having an issue canceling orders in the past.
  5. Yeah I’m definitely going to cancel and reorder. Best way to cancel? They weren’t answering the phones...
  6. Have the following records for sale. All vinyl is new unless otherwise stated. All prices include shipping. Thanks. Serj Tankian - Elect The Dead (Silver Marble) [Music On Vinyl] - $22 Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (Flexi) - $14 Portugal. The Man - The Pines & The Devil 7” (Translucent Red) - $30 *or both P. TM titles for $40 Circa Survive - B-Sides 7” (Gold w/ Black Sleeve) this one - $ 30 Speak The Truth...Even If Your Voice Shakes 7” (Coke Bottle Clear w/ Purple Splatter) - $ 19 Touché Amore / Pianos Become The Teeth Split - Gravity, Metaphorically / Hiding 7” (Baby Pink) - $7 Wye Oak - Trigger Finger 7” (Flexi) - $9 Send me a message if you are interested in any of these. I feel the prices are fair, but if something doesn’t look right just reach out. I Even have a handful of 7”s that are not listed that I’ll throw in some random orders too.
  7. The screen printed cover is just a slip cover right?
  8. I’m interested in that Jenny Lewis 7” but that’s about it.
  9. Happy Hollow is actually my favorite Cursive record.
  10. I Am Gemini is really the only album of theirs I do not like. But their last record is one of their best, and I think the first three songs are great. 15 Passenger is Kasher's new record label - which they released their last album under.
  11. Retail Release on Bull Moose https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32293877
  12. Didn’t even realize there was going to be a splatter variant of this. Hell. I onlY saw it on BandCamp and only the clear was available through there.
  13. Ordered the white from Bull Moose. amazon says theirs is 180 gram, though Bull Moose says 140. Not that I care - just pointing it out.
  14. I felt the exact same way. And if they pressed more than 500 I would have waited. But it is nostalgic and the translucent green variant is cool.
  15. Merchnow says they aren’t responsible for records damaged during transport? Huh
  16. Subbing just in case a vinyl release actually does happen
  17. That MOV pressing doesn’t appear to have a Gatefold sleeve. Don’t they normally denote that if the release has a Gatefold jacket?
  18. anyone have a copy of the standard 2xLP? Would prefer red, but wouldn’t mind purple. Would prefer to trade, but can purchase.