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  1. anyone looking for a copy of Golden Axe? I have the gold variant and it's never been played. 30 PPD and it's yours.
  2. I did have some pops on like one and a half tracks on the B side for sure, but C and D both sounded great.
  3. I ended up snagging a copy of the green/purple hero of time and it sounds amazing. Sucks that some people got muddy pressings, but I think it's amazing and I can't wait to get the gold backer exclusive (which for some reason that is taking so much longer).
  4. what makes you think it won't sound good? but yes, it looks freaking rad.
  5. Also, does any one have an extra copy of Hero of Time? I really want to buy the green/purple one but don't want to wait until september. I'd give $50 for it.
  6. right!?! I thought that was pretty ridiculous too. I messaged Materia Collective asking when the backer exclusives should be showing up. And I wanted to buy a normal pressing as well but now they're on back order until september. ugh.
  7. Anyone get their Hero of Time record yet? Still waiting for my kickstarter exclusive, but someone mentioned on Discogs that it sounds muddy (like the Last Guardian) and I'm really hoping this isn't true for all of them.
  8. https://mondotees.com/products/super-castlevania-iv-original-video-game-soundtrack-2xlp castlevania iv!
  9. oh my goodness i'm so excited. the "less limited" presses always look way better in my opinion. the bronze and gold is cool, but that splatter i think looks better. either way I'm pumped to get this.
  10. Has anyone heard anything about Taking Back Sunday's Louder Now? I thought they were going to release a colored variant on their website, but it's just standard black for the preorder apparently. But wondering if HT is getting an exclusive. Either way, I'm so excited to finally have that album.
  11. update me when 3.0 is up
  12. did anyone kickstart the Johto Legends? If so did you get an email saying it was funded? I did the vinyl tier and it got charged to my account but I never got an email.
  13. I have the qualification for one, but I'm out of town until tuesday so I'm just crossing my fingers one is still available tomorrow. also IM SO PUMPED. half the reason I replay DKC is cause I love that soundtrack. and metroid 1 2 and super?! these were quick purchases for me.
  14. yeah I caved and backed Johto Legends on Kickstarter. They made goal which is sweet, and only 27 other people have backed the vinyl plus like 50 more people with the tier above, so I didn't want to miss out on a kickstarter exclusive record that's only going to be limited to around 100.
  15. has any one else pulled the trigger on the $90 backer for the Johto Legends kickstarter? I want to but $90 is so steep, but they're doing a backer-exclusive variant as well like they did for the Ocarina of Time record. ugh I'm torn. I also don't understand why I can't just get the record, because you had that option for OOT and it was only $50.