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  1. I've never really had issues with iam8bit either, and I have a good amount of records from them. So it's odd to me that something could sound like that.
  2. This makes me really sad. They take a year to release something and how in the world does it come out sounding like that?
  3. oh my goodness. yeah I backed this before even listening to the sample. I'm a sucker for Zelda. THANK YOU
  4. On a side note, every time I listen to Hero of Time I cannot explain the amounts of hype I get for that album on vinyl. I'm so pleased with the Kickstarter and the Orchestra is just insane good. Still debating on if I want to buy the retail version as well just to have it because Ocarina is my favorite game of all time.
  5. I still haven't snagged a copy of Air For Free (I know, I'm a loser), I wish I would have gotten the sweet split variant. That being said, anyone have that split variant for sale? Also I was looking on Discogs and some people have the white pressing available but say that it has both regular LP's, but also mispressed LP's? what was the problem with the white pressing?
  6. Snagged the Tennis Ep, so excited because the track listing is straight fire. Glad I didn't wait on it because I bet it will sell quick.
  7. I got the insert and I ordered the splatter variant, so I'm not sure if they were randomly selected inside some or what. plus the splatter variant looks so dope.
  8. Got my Dracula's Curse today. Sounds amazing, and I'm super glad I went with the orange with splatter even if it's not as "rare" because it looks sick.
  9. I can't believe I missed BCR. I really do hope some more copies go online.
  10. I freaking hope HT gets a Louder Now exclusive. It's about time I put that album into my collection.