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  1. lol. they raised the price. i bought a copy at €23.50 no more than 10 minutes ago.
  2. how many copies are available worldwide? and why is this an RSD First release -- is there available info on how it will be released in the future?
  3. For those who are willing to take a chance on the cheeky chap: std. black; exclusive white; std. black + photos; exclusive white + photos; or exclusive white + book + cd + photos in one bundle. the white variant (limited availability) is only available through his webstore; the std. black can be preordered elsewhere (amazon, etc.). ----- also: ltd. ed book + cd; ltd ed. book + cd + photos; or cd most critics who've heard it have pretty much given it universal acclaim, but the jury is still out, ofc.
  4. no way in hell will the records actually have that crap printed on it. it's RSD organizers' prophylactic attempt at thwarting capitalism.
  5. it's horrid. even the flippers are flipping a shit because there aren't many flippable items in that pile of dung.
  6. Euro list is chock full of absolute rubbish. Still hoping the US/Canada list is slightly better...
  7. ephemeral is a good adjective to describe all things st. vincent. the tracks i heard (a month or two ago) were mixed, but not yet mastered. she has a ton of material, too -- way more than for a full length LP -- and (as of a month ago) she was having a hard time coming up with a final tracklist...but she finally settled on one. everything must be taken with a grain of salt, though, because i'm told she might be walking back her final decision (i.e. she may have had second thoughts within the last few weeks). with commitments to film festivals and such that have kept her busy over the last couple months, i wouldn't be surprised if she simply hasn't had the time to pull all the necessary triggers to press on with a full release in the immediate future (i.e. next month). my best guess is that if she releases anything for RSD, it'll be a 7" or 10" single or some such in advance of an album later this year. btw, the tracks i heard sound very different from those on her last LP. hard to articulate how to describe them, though.
  8. unless she committed to lolla very recently, she won't be in the lineup when the announcement is made in less than two weeks. 90% of lolla 2017 was booked by the end of last summer (well, october), and st. vincent was nowhere to be found... in any event, i know for a fact that her album is finished (many other reports can corroborate), because i've heard a few tracks already. it all comes down to whatever the hell she has planned for the release.
  9. no updates. strangely quiet on all fronts st. vincent -- no news...or even rumors...about any tour dates or plans to play any festivals in 2017. could very well be that the album is announced for release on RSD when the list is dropped, though. if that happens, then lolla, OL, and ACL are possible 2017 N.A. festivals where she could make appearances.
  10. well, yeah...if an offer is made officially, then the buyer becomes bound (btw, having to wait up to five days for a response from a seller is absurd). in any event, my point was that offers can always be made on every item on eBay or on discogs -- by sending them via messages. unless time is of the essence (e.g. a great price that would catch the attention of anyone who's in the market for a given item), it's almost foolish not to inquire with an offer before buying the item at the seller's list price. the worst response one could receive is: 'no, not accepting offers...'
  11. true, but, then again, one can make an offer on every single item for sale on discogs -- irrespective of whether offers are 'enabled.'
  12. you suffering from tinnitus? 1. i am not surprised people buy from a variety of artists; my points (and OP's inquiry) pertained to a collection largely comprised of one artist. 2. i wasn't rationalizing when making that comment, which, btw, isn't exactly a correct paraphrase of it, anyway. 3. never once have i visited by the way, take a look in the mirror: you who puts an effin' trademark symbol next to his username. i'm not on this board for discussing grammar, nitwit. (although, upon further review of my posts in this thread, my grammar and syntax are actually quite on fleek). i never took the position that i (or any one else) listens to circa three artists, nor am i of the opinion that many people are out there who do that. preposterous. oops! fragment! my sincerest apologies... also, for clarification -- no, i've not stated what i collect...but it sure as shit ain't 'Dad rock'. i'll note, though -- not that anyone here really gives a flying fuck -- that the vast majority of my collection consists of items distributed post-2000. ---- in other news, i've uploaded an avatar so all of you can throw shade in the proper direction.
  13. my guess is that discretionary income is a big factor in the grand scheme of things. perhaps maybe people simply don't want to spread themselves too thin on one artist to the point to where they're precluded from getting even standard variant issues of other artists? i got snippy because i was met with douchebaggery. and to be quite honest, as a long time lurker, there are lot of elitist turds on here anyway, so you must be ignoring a lot of people.
  14. make no mistake -- i mainly seek out vinyl myself! by the same token, i'd imagine that there are a fair number of "predominately vinyl" collectors here who cross the line in the sand and collect other mediums, as well (though they may not often have the proper forum (read: threads) to publicly discuss such collecting on this board)...
  15. nope, certainly not a malapropism, eggcorn, or (perhaps most appropriately) a misnomer of any sort. the term was not used with any contemplation or intended direct reference to politics (or the political landscape); i was writing circumambagiously. in any case, suffice it to say that you're kinda acting like a douche/pedant, or, at the very least, unnecessarily snarky. not that i'm having a difficult time understanding people's collecting habits; only pointing out that it's interesting -- based upon not only responses in this thread, but also a general survey of posts in others -- that more people seemingly tend to collect with variety of artists in mind as opposed to honing in on one (or a select few).