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  1. Record Store Day 2018

    A lot of stores are still getting in major shipments late this afternoon, so I'm assuming they could very well be in those... 10k is a huge number. They'll be everywhere. In fact, outside of the handful of unnumbered qty titles on the list, 10k is by far the largest qty of any title on there.
  2. Sold out last night. They went quite fast, all things considered. Perhaps some copies will show up in stores for those who missed...
  3. no clue. could be just a temporary inventory, anyway. but, i've always found that some UO exclusives never make it to storefronts and are online-only. not sure about this one. that said, the amazon-exclusive red version of børns - dopamine sold out rather quickly iirc.
  4. PO: Børns - Blue Madonna Ltd. LP on translucent blue (151/1500 remain, according to current inventory) https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/brns-blue-madonna-limited-lp?category=vinyl-records&color=040
  5. Record Store Day 2017

    it comes sealed; it just takes FOREVER to arrive, even with expedited shipping (2+ weeks). and it was $7 cheaper yesterday. so there's that.
  6. it was at $25.99 shipped yesterday, so they are raising the price as more copies sell. but, fair warning -- be prepared to wait two weeks or more before it arrives; that's how long my copy took to reach its destination...and that was with expedited shipping. could be 3 to 4 weeks without...
  7. i've ordered from them from their existing stock before with no problems. no idea about preorders, tho. conveniently, it's about 5 a.m. over there right now, so cross your fingers...
  8. this. i called two locals stores and both said: they got the press release on the title yesterday; they'd be getting at least a few copies; ...and i've had one set aside for me at one of the stores when it comes in.
  9. about 10% higher on eBay to cover selling/final value fees. reasonable.
  10. some a-hole bought 9 of those 10 immediately. EDIT: actually 19 of the 25 copies went to two buyers.
  11. so norman did go live at 8 a.m. bst after all, lol. anybody see what sought-after items they had to offer initially aside from elastica?
  12. crashrecords keeps...crashing. but their timer had few hours to go, right? it was confusing anyway, bc the timer put everything past midnight (which, btw, it already is...). EDIT: back up, for now.
  13. i didn't even know any copies were in the UK. at this point, i would snag that... ...unless you're willing to maybe wait it out on the bay or discogs.
  14. they must have had only one copy. i was refreshing every 30 seconds, and i was able to add to cart. went to post here quickly, and 60 seconds later, they were sold out.
  15. i can't believe they all sold out at $50 a pop that quickly. i was going to let ppl know that a few more copies of the RSD variant just popped up on amazon at essentially retail price out of a merchant in canada just a few minutes ago. but i started writing this post, stepped away from my computer for a minute, and...they're now sold out.