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  1. Has anyone ever ordered a record from Warehouse in "Acceptable" condition? It says it may be missing shrink wrap and download codes (which I'm fine with), but also have significant cosmetic damage to its cover. Is this generally accurate of "acceptable" records to Amazon's standards? Will it still play flawlessly?
  2. When returning, it also depends on whether Amazon was selling the item or if it was being sold by a third party. I've bought third-party before and they've asked me to return it. I've also bought third party and they sent the wrong item; I requested a refund and they just ignored me, so Amazon reimbursed me. Just last week a third-party seller sent me a warped record and they sent me a replacement (still on its way) with no questions asked, no return needed. It's really hit or miss with third party sellers. I bought a record from Amazon that was dated from 2014, meaning it would have been a certain colored pressing. They sent me a 2016 repress, standard black. I so little as mentioned that they listed the item wrong and they refunded me. I didn't even ask for a refund. Amazon seems to be pretty good with this stuff, Bummer some of y'all haven't had the same luck.
  3. I've had to do this with a few records, but I used a scissor instead. Works like a charm.
  4. Looks like the repress is gonna be black with light grey splatter? I guess we'll see.
  5. PO Now: A Skylit Drive - "Rise"

    And some day these will actually ship out.
  6. PO: Hot Mulligan - Pilot

    I think it also comes with the CD? The description doesn't mention that, but that's what the photo looks like at least.
  7. The Vinyl Bootleg Thread

    That's my local shop. I love it in there!
  8. Let It Enfold You is siiiick. I've seen them live twice and enjoyed both performances a lot. Buddy's dancing cracks me up though.
  9. The photo was on their IG story a few days ago, that's the only place I've seen it. I figured it'd be a tour exclusive though.
  10. PO: Silverstein - Dead Reflection

    That's not the tour press for their current tour though, right? It's from an older one?
  11. The Vinyl Bootleg Thread

    Picked up a new one last night at a local record store. I've never seen this one before, but I'm always down to add a new GD boot to the collection. There are a few things that bother me about this one though. 1) The artwork (both the band photo AND the font) are from the 21CB era [2009-2010], yet the latest song on it is from Dookie [1994]. 2) The tracks are censored. 3) Each track fades in and out. Yes, even the transition from "Chump" to "Longview," which honestly broke my heart a little bit. That's all. All-in-all, I'm still pretty stoked to add this to the collection.
  12. PO Now: Blessthefall - Hard Feelings 3/23

    Smoke Grey w/ Baby Blue Splatter (Smartpunk Exclusive) /500 https://smartpunkshop.com/collections/smartpunk-exclusives/products/blessthefall-hard-feelings-smartpunk-exclusive