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  1. All Time Low - So Wrong It's Right (Blue In Red) /1,000 blessthefall - Hollow Bodies (Clear w/ Red Splatter) /1,000 Movements - Outgrown Things (Milky Clear w/ Grey & White Splatter) /500 Silverstein - Dead Reflection (Half Hot Pink/ Half Ultra Clear w/ Classic Black Smoke) /4,000 Armstrongs - If There Was Ever A Time (New Noise Magazine Flexi) /??? Armstrongs - If There Was Ever A Time (Flexi benefitting 924 Gilman) /1,000 I also picked up a Symphonic Classic Rock LP for 10 cents at a thrift store. It's pretty sweet.
  2. Here's the retail variant if anyone is interested. Half Hot Pink/ Half Ultra Clear w/ Classic Black Smoke (Limited to: 4,000) I wish it came with a CD copy too (like IAAIEIT), but it does come with a download code. The "smoke" is really only visible with the hot pink half of the LP, but it's very faint. Still a gorgeous variant.
  3. I probably have about 25-30 tapes for sale on here. Mostly classic rock, a few hip-hop. Fairly cheap.
  4. I hope so! I don't visit there often, but I'm always looking for reasons to come back
  5. This is a cool idea, man. Good luck with it! I wish I was local so I could check it out myself.
  6. I'm contributing.
  7. That's such a shame. I was watching some music videos from it last night and nearly every single person in the comments said that this was their favorite Chiodos album. Ya know what though, EVR gets vinyl pressed all the time. I'm sure that if enough people show interest in it they'd give it a limited pressing. If I knew how to start a petition, I would.
  8. Tell Bolmer we need this on vinyl. I don't know if he actually has any say in this, but it'd be great to see it get pressed.
  9. Good deal. I may actually order the magazine in addition to this. I'd like to have it anyways.
  10. Thanks! I actually made this on my iPhone. The app is called "Phonto." It's a little confusing when you use it for the first time, but you'll get the hang of it pretty easily.
  11. I realize this is an old post. But when I bring a packaged tape to the post office, they charge me about $13.50 to ship it overseas. If I do it through PayPal though, it costs me around $12.20.
  12. Yeah, I checked last night. I must have been mistaking it for another magazine. It costs $7.50 shipped. Not bad at all. I wish I would've known that earlier. It's alright though; I actually like the $15 artwork better. It's still dumb that they'd put it on a Flexi for that price though.
  13. "Hawthorne Heights Explains It All" is pretty sweet. I listen to it while I study for my college tests. The band (Hawthorne Heights) just talks about tour life, sports, politics, funny stories, vacations, songwriting, memories, upcoming releases, etc. It's really interesting if you're a fan of the band. "Lead Singer Syndrome" is pretty cool too. It's Shane Told's (singer of Silverstein) podcast. He brings on vocalists from like bands and interviews them and talks about tour life and such. It's another good listen if he's interviewing someone from a band you're in to.
  14. Just listened to "Viridian." I actually really like it a lot.