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  1. Normally when I am in a city I don't know I goto the record store day site and find participating stores. It gives links ,etc to their stores and you can browse and find if it looks like something you would have interest in. Also Google is pretty helpful and a much more expansive audience than this site
  2. I saw this band so many times in NYC/LI growing up. Be interested to hear this but a pretty far departure of what I am interested in musically these days
  3. Just curious, so many stores have come and gone in the last few years in the village due to renter demands How do you think an even smaller niche market will survive?
  4. Deal through VC only No holds
  5. I actually really liked this album. Imo, a little more television and a little less feelies with the guitar work
  6. You knew that but couldn't figure out what DSOTM was?
  7. The Vinyl180 reissues are available on discogs for like 20 bucks each
  8. Bump Bump
  9. I bought the Roya album. Hope it delivers like the bio reads
  10. I enjoyed it too. That spoken word is type track in the middle was a little out of place
  11. If they are still in test press stages these aren't coming out anytime soon. I would hope when people post preorders it is nearing manufacturing stages.
  12. Out this week!!!!
  13. When we talk about PHM reissues/remasters the confusion begins The 2xlp that adds get down make love and the interscope single lp were both released around the same timeframe and are completely different You guys should specify what you are talking about
  14. You do realize those are all bootlegs