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  1. That was my initial thought.
  2. That's because you are probably an adult and have adult friends who dont bring a backpack to shows
  3. For a board that complains about vinyl prices all the time, I find it hysterical that's so many of you want to drop $400 on an impractical box set for songs that you have never heard before. And people thought record store day was a gimmick cash grab.
  4. Before Ex Hex and Wild Flag, Mary Timony fronted very distinctive indie rock band Helium who released two full-length albums and a handful of singles and EPs in the 1990s. Matador Records is reissuing on vinyl the lion’s share of Helium’s discography on May 19. That includes: 1994’s The Dirt of Luck; 1997’s The Magic City has been expanded as a double-LP to include the No Guitars EP from the same year; and a new 19-track compilation, Ends With Ands, featuring rarities, non-LP singles, EP cuts, b-sides, and unreleased demos. Says Timony, “Compiling Ends with And has been like stumbling upon a long forgotten time capsule and trying to put the pieces in order. I hadn’t heard most of the songs in a very long time. I pored over hours of unlabeled cassette demos, odd test pressings, and DAT tapes…it’s good to know that these songs will all be in one place now.” The vinyl reissues and new compilation are available for preorder now and you can check out “Hole In The Ground” and a remastered version of the “XXX” video (originally on 1994’s Pirate Prude EP), both of which are on Ends With And, below. Mary Timony will also be taking those Helium songs on the road, with Hospitality’s Brian Betancourt and David Christian as her backing band. The shows are dubbed “Mary Timony plays Helium" Mary Timony Plays Helium – 2017 Tour Dates6/6 – Washington, DC – Rock & Roll Hotel6/7 – Philadelphia, PA – Boot and Saddle6/8 – Brooklyn, NY – Northside Festival – Rough Trade6/9 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge6/10 – Boston, MA – The Sinclair6/12 – Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern6/13 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom6/14 – Detroit, MI – Marble Bar6/15 – Chicago, IL – The Empty Bottle Helium – Ends With And tracklist:1. Baby Vampire Made Me2. XXX3. OOO4. Love $$$5. Lucy6. Termite Tree7. Hole In The Ground8. Magic Box9. Superball (Demo)10. What Institution Are You From?11. Lucky Charm12. #12 L’Enfant13. I Am A Witch14. Ghost Car (Demo)15. Puffin Stars16. Leon’s Space Song (Demo)17. The Dragon #118. Fantastic Castle19. Golden Bridge (Demo)
  5. Regional usually implies limited with the rsd folk
  6. Creation-action painting Milk music-mystic 100 Secret shine-there is only now Seasurfer-under the milky way Star-devastated Spoon-hot thoughts
  7. The last moore album was very good. Not sure they have two versions of this album, single and double. The double reads weird as vinyl plus 12 inch signed. Only 5 songs too and one of them is 4 mins
  8. Those television personalities records were reissued a few years ago by fire records and 1972. Available for about 15 bucks. No need to wait till rsd
  9. Lost in a dream is my favorite album of this decade
  10. You work at a church and as you said they get many shipments a day? I am curious what a church is receiving on a daily basis
  11. Got the album in this week. A total departure from last album. Much more dream/electro pop
  12. What would rsd be without a useless lips release?
  13. Is this guy the new mainstream version of kozelek?
  14. I have the first 3 eps and dope album but cuckoo will be nice
  15. I went last night as I used one of my punch card entries. I thought the setlist was weak. 80 percent of it was from last 3 albums