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  1. Vinyl appears delayed a month. Album leaked about 3 weeks ago
  2. I would not be surprised if the majority of these releases never see the light of day or take 8 plus months and are bootleg quality Besides Fuzz Club, has anyone seen something from established companies/labels that have a history of doing quality work and have a clue what they are doing
  3. It does not weigh 2lbs to ship a record or 3lbs for a double. Your weights are off creating the differences between actual and hypothetical
  4. Final sale of year-cheap records

    Bump Prices lowered if you want to buy seperate
  5. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    Yes but the redux first disc was a remaster of original mix
  6. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    So where do you rate binaural, riot act and st? Has anyone figured out what ten reissue is? Original mix but original master or obrien remaster?
  7. PO Now: Superchunk - What a Time to be Alive

  8. PO Now: Superchunk - What a Time to be Alive

    Instant buy. Top 10 fav band of alltime
  9. Final sale of year-cheap records

    Weezer sold. Someone take the rest for a nice bundle price so I can be done going to post office for rest of year
  10. Hot Snakes Reissues vis Sub Pop!

    Same here. Anyone see any info about a remaster or remix?
  11. Final sale of year-cheap records

    Bundle lowered to 25
  12. PO now: Hookworms Microshift

    Includes song link
  13. Final sale of year-cheap records

    Monday bump
  14. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    The 2009 mov use the original plates The red mov from 2011 have a pressing defect