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  1. IG just shows records...lets see the store
  2. Added a bunch of new items
  3. The downward spiral is my favorite album of alltime. The shows I saw in that tour are the best concerts I ever attended. Anything after the fragile is hit or miss for me with the slip being the worst. His current vocal delivery is really annoying. I also think the current live drumming leaves alot to be desired with the sound
  4. bump
  5. What do you guys/gals think of this?
  6. Castle face usually puts them up a week before release when they are ready to ship
  7. Recorded by albini!!!!
  8. So what do you guys think of this? I really like the actual songs. ....the soundtrack album sounds like something Mike Patton would record in an afternoon
  9. Artist of this caliber Remember when pumpkins reissued mellon collie and we all gladly played 80 to 100 on release. With that said, fragile is very affordable at 45 bucks. This set at 80 bucks wasn't intended for everyone and thus why I believe an 80 dollar price point. But than again this board went crazy over a unrealistic gorrillaz box set at a stupid price point of a crap album so it's all relative on the vc
  10. So you guys think an artist is going to sell a 4xlp set in 2017 for 40 bucks? Especially one of this caliber artist and fanbase, who will literally buy anything at any price point trent releases You must have abandoned planet earth and went to another realm
  11. I might re-listen to Noise again today as I thought that one was pretty good But New Album/Attention Please were pretty bad. I thought Heavy Rocks(2011) was decent and pretty straight forward Boris sound like Smile
  12. Listened to the leak. Very slow/drone type record. Pretty forgetable after 1 listen