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  1. Still love this label! Updated original post with some new wants including Broncho, Dave Monks and The Dirty Nil variants.
  2. Not sure if anyone really cares, but I was at their show last night and they were selling the splatter variant at the merch table.
  3. Saw copies here in Canada.
  4. I think the band may have jumped the gun with this post. Dine Alone Store is still showing 200+ copies in inventory.
  5. The AOF boxset was sold through their Webstore, not Dine Alone. My experience with Dine Alone has generally been very positive even when traffic is heavy. There is definitely faaaaar worse.
  6. Did the boxes end up not being numbered? They were originally described as hand painted and numbered, but I don't see any indication on the box I picked up.
  7. Appears to be good news for anyone looking for a box set. On the way out of the venue last night there didn't seem to be a shortage of any of the releases at the merch table, box set and Theory included.
  8. I feel the same. I think Jordan has a show scheduled with Say Yes tomorrow night in Hamilton, so it doesn't seem too promising unfortunately.
  9. I heard some chatter that AOF is playing tonight's show. Bummed to miss that, but still looking forward to tomorrow.
  10. I believe Dead Tired posted last week they are on the bill tonight.
  11. If Theory is pressed by Dine Alone, I wonder if a moneen discography boxset could be in future? I'm looking forward to Saturday!
  12. 4th show added! This is reminiscent of the Toronto stop of the "final" AOF tour. I hope they consider increasing the production number for the boxset, even those attending a show are going to be challenged to get one at this point.
  13. 3 sold out shows! I'm impressed but not terribly surprised. The odds of these box sets making it online are now very slim. @justindinealone will the new pressing of The Fullblast release also be split between the shows?
  14. I hope I can score tickets to this show. I'd be a little surprised if this sells out at the show, considering Lee's holds less than 600 people. I can't imagine 50% of the people in attendance holding a box set in their arms. But who knows?!?
  15. If anyone on the board is attending Fest and might be interested in helping out an unfortunate Canadian, let me know. I'll definitely be searching for a copy of this!