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  1. https://www.felixcartal.com/merch Limited edition vinyl pressing featuring double-gate fold and pink LP's! TRACK LISTING: 1. The Life Ft. Fjord 2. Over It Ft. Veronica 3. Harmony 4. Layover 5. Mine Ft. Sophie Simmons 6. 500 Days Ft. Matilda 7. Old Self Ft. Ofelia K 8. We Fall 9. My Last Song Ft. Hanne Mjøen 10. Love Me Ft. Lights 11. Going Up 12. Happy Hour Ft. Kiiara 14. Jealous Ft. Melina Borglowe 15. Hygge 16. Too Late Ft. KROY
  2. Interesting to see all of the pink merch after watching the documentary on her.
  3. New variant from the “Skin to Skin” email. Looks like it has yet to be posted on the merch site. https://ibb.co/p0hQYWr
  4. Well, at least they didn't have eight different album covers. 😅 I get what you mean, but also understand that they're not able to tour to promote this record.
  5. Good question. Looks like it’s sold out for now. I did get an update from Warner Music that I thought I’d pass along for anyone else who ordered. “ On behalf of Warner Music Group, we would like to apologize to Lights and to her fans that have purchased merch on her webstore. Our new warehouse partner is unable to serve our needs, resulting in a large backlog of orders which have yet to ship. Unfortunately, these delays have also impacted The Listening vinyl. We are, however, expecting The Listening vinyl
  6. I've posted some updates from Lights in the OP. More are on the way!
  7. The time has finally come! Today is the 10 year anniversary of "The Listening", and Lights has announced her debut album is coming to vinyl for the very first time. It has a release date of October 11, 2019. https://store.iamlights.com/the-listening-10th-anniversary-lp.html Search didn't turn up any relevant results, but apologies if this already been posted. Updates for 9/21:
  8. Nope. Just explaining it to people who feel the need to be offended for the sake of being offended. People who won't even listen to it or are otherwise ignorant. Guess you missed that part of who I was replying to. But hey, at least he read about it on a website! Your mistake, indeed.
  9. Sounds like something a fifteen year old would write a song about. It's an old song from Soundcloud. She literally says she's selfish for it, and mentions her pride. Maybe give it another listen.
  10. Thank you. The site is kinda wack; says the bundles are sold out, but the prices are all wrong if you click on them (i.e. deluxe bundle is $54.98, shows as $19.99 if you click on it). Guess she doesn't want my money.
  11. Any idea if the Music Direct vinyl is different? Says "limited edition colored vinyl."
  12. Hahah. Are they always this bad? I've never shopped at UO in my life. Just got shipping confirmation that the teal variant shipped. I noticed they changed the date on the product page to September 4th.
  13. Gotcha. I was gonna follow in your footsteps, but they already charged my card and I don't feel like dealing with their CS. Still haven't gotten back to me after like two days.

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