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  1. There's also a pink and white marble band exclusive available at the Dirty Nil online store.
  2. 10 more copies of the /100 exclusive have been added.
  3. This is a pre-order and not limited that I've seen. I just checked and the pre-order is still active....
  4. The blue Dogs Blood was mistakenly shipped to Canadian distro, so they ended up scattered around Canadian record stores. Unfortunately there's no identifiers so buying a sealed copy is a gamble.
  5. Not sure if you've noticed, but Dine Alone has just released their RSD leftovers online. 20 Nil and 70 AOF up for grabs.
  6. I've been nursing a Dine Alone variant collection for a long time, so I ordered a copy of each..
  7. Got my shipping notification the other day. Will likely be at the house tonight when I get home from work.
  8. For anyone interested in the indie variant, Dine Alone has posted copies in the webstore. Coolest looking variant IMO.
  9. The freebie I was referring to was the Yukon Blonde which was available in the brick and mortar store on RSD, not online. I noticed the C&C Flexi went live yesterday, but was told it was an error. Not sure if they will fulfill any of the orders that got placed. I'm sure a few got through. I'm a little surprised nobody has mentioned the exclusive pressing of The Grace 10" that got posted along with this pre-order.
  10. The 5 flexis were meant to be a bundle item for RSD but there was production issues and they weren't ready in time. Only Yukon Blonde made it so they had copies of that as a freebie at the checkout.
  11. Indie variant is Half Clear Half Blue Split with White Splatter /500 according to the Dine Alone email.
  12. This cover reminds me of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart's Belong LP art. @justindinealone will the "indie exclusive" variant be available for pre-order anywhere, or held off until the official release date?
  13. Jumped the gun and ordered before all the bundles were posted. Would have grabbed one of the bigger bundles for a copy of the Flexi....
  14. Oowatanite as a b-side!! This release just keeps getting better!