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  1. Smashing Pumpkins

    5 days till Billy starts growing his hair back? that's the only reunion I care about.
  2. this is not wrong. would love a 12" with this and The Daily Mail/Staircase.
  3. If they are charging that much for shipping to the US, there's no way this should take 28 days or whatever they claim on their website. Economy shipping for 2 records from the UK should not cost $36 in any universe. They better be using some kind of express/priority delivery.
  4. some folks on the Steve Hoffman forum have reported these are shipping. still no sign of being able to order elsewhere yet...
  5. Yeah I ordered a signed version of Frosting. Will probably get a regular copy of Amazing Disgrace (pretty happy with the MOV Dear 23, but may spring for the 2LP set here too). Very happy these are coming finally.
  6. It was near the end of the initial alternative rock boom and there was waning interest in this kind of music. in 2 years, we'd have to deal with the likes of limp bizkit, puddle of mudd, creed, et al. which would be the beginning of the end of rock music and pop culture in general. good record, though. I had an original that I had to sell a couple years ago. looking forward to having it back in my collection.
  7. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    Bullmoose doesn't have Poncier available on the RSD link, so I wouldn't count on them having it at 10:00 today. They are usually pretty good about sourcing their copies left on the site prior to opening it up to online orders. The Poncier LP was pressed at 4000 - I'm sure flipper prices will drop once the initial demand dies down.
  8. It sounds good to me overall, but The Background World doesn't have quite the same oomph as it does on the digital version.
  9. these bottom feeders ruin everything.
  10. The Beatles - The Christmas Records

    yeah this is purely a boomer nostalgia cash grab. not worth it for anyone outside of that age bracket.
  11. my copy of To the 5 Boroughs is beat to hell, so I'll definitely replace with this new press.
  12. Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    Love this set so much, but damn the outer sleeves are tight.
  13. PO: Fever Ray - Plunge LP or Deluxe 2xLP

    Will get this - but not paying for something 4+ months ahead unless I absolutely have to (and I don't think I have to for this).
  14. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    sounds about right. People must keep buying Chris Bell/Big Star releases because there's a derivative release from them every freakin year.