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30 minutes ago, Tommongod said:

I don't wanna have to Go over like $400

if you have patience, you can thrift or CL something better than anything new you could buy with that budget;

and you'll be spending significantly less (more to spend on records and other stuff)


a good place to start is by looking through your local craigslist for a decent used Technics, Pioneer, or other reliable vintage brand.

you'll have to replace the needle/cartridge on whatever you find that's used so don't let that be a deal-breaker.

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Crosley is a no-no

U-turn has unbelievable customer service and is made here in Massachusetts.

That's a no-brainer

You could grab a Denon DP-300F if you want an automatic table. They are built very well and will last a very long time. I still have mine in a closet somewhere. It lasted me a few years without a single issue, and they are about $330. 

You can also shop used. You can score a hell of a deal if you look enough. 

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18 hours ago, Tommongod said:

Ok so I'm either looking at the u-turn or the new Crosley C-10.  What do you think will last longer?

Hmm a U Turn or a Crosley? let me think now


That's got to be the most one sided question since do you want to eat chocolate or shit?

Any Crosley is only good for target practice or use as a door stop, never ever under any circumstance put a record anywhere near one

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