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PO SOON: The Rocket Summer - Do You Feel - 2xLP Purple

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Depending on the price, I'd consider picking this up.

"VIP tickets include Do You Feel on vinyl for the first time ever (limited edition double vinyl with gatefold design on VIP exclusive PURPLE vinyl) a meet & greet before the show, an acoustic performance and a signed tour poster. VIP and Pre-Sale tickets are on sale tomorrow, April 12 @ 10am and general tickets go on sale this Friday, April 14 @ 10am at www.TheRocketSummer.com/tour" - The Rocket Summer's Facebook

^ I didn't see anything else mentioning pre-orders or giving a date as to when they may go up.

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The $60+ price tag does seem like a lot, but here's the break down... The ticket will run you $15-20 and the record $25-30 at the show (plus you won't get the VIP variant).... so you're looking at $15-20 to get early entry (so better spot for the show too), acoustic performance, meet& greet, and signed tour poster.


Looking at the break down, its much more reasonable. Obviously its up to you as an individual if you think it's really worth it, but personally, I think it definitely is.


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