13/14 Premier League Football Discussion

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This died a death, didn't it?

Good season all round though, We got promoted, Leicester showed all the 'big boys' up & Newcastle got relegated. Excited for next season.

Glad I'll be able to watch the play off final today as a neutral but hope that Shef Wed win it.

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Seems as though we've lost most of the EPL fans on the board. Glad your boys got promoted, I watch about zero Championship so I didn't get a chance to follow along much last year. Transfer window could be interesting this year. You think Vardy will hit Arsenal? Seems crazy and not a really great decision for either side. Frankly, I'd like to see that whole group back together at LC to see what happens in the Champions league. 


Personally, I'm hopping the new appointment at Everton can help the club crack the Europa at least, seems like the talent should be there. I hope so.

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