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  1. Soak yourself in a deep, dark room and lie down comfortably in a chair before you immerse yourself in the grandness that is Jupiter! Hopefully that’d do it haha!
  2. Gah! Missed the first prints of both no. 4 and now no. 5 too. Any way that you guys have been keeping up with the releases so far? Like, which and what accounts or newsletters should I be following?
  3. Still $13 shipping so no... EDIT: Just realised media mail is available now...
  4. Forgive me for asking but what do you guys not like about it??! It's absolutely majestic IMO.
  5. Would be eternally grateful if anyone could grab me a copy of Watch Out or Crisis!
  6. Are these the same masters as the previous 2014 reissues?
  7. One of the few benefits to living in this part of the world when it comes to music and vinyl...
  8. Freakin love the new songs! Bummed to have missed out on the Braindead variant... Argh.
  9. Well I apologise if I wasn't being clear enough. But I was referring not to YOU, but to people in general, or the music industry in general. When everyone drops Ryan but keep Chris Brown and celebrate Bowie, Jimmy Page, Jagger etc. then there seems to be something wrong, especially when they have done much worser things. Have no idea what you are on about, because like I said, I'm not defending his actions, as in I'm not saying it's right. I am saying that its wrong, but society as a whole needs to be consistent in how it treats people. Are you Ryan's friend? I'm not. I can't say for sure if he wants to or not, but I will not bash him based on just some articles. Remember, they're just articles. They're written with clicks and view-counts in mind. Again, all I'm calling for is some perspective here. He clearly is not a saint, and none of us are. And I would say a big chunk of the issues brought up in the NYT article boils down to the way he handles interpersonal relationships, such as him being a dick to Mandy. That's their relationship and its none of our businesses. He hasn't been proven to commit any crimes as well. He's a dick. That's it. Also, kicking him when he has already been down and out leaves him no room to heal because he has to deal with this bullshit constantly rather than work on his own issues, especially so given his past history of struggle with mental illness. A similar case happened with James Alex (Beach Slang) recently and the band got completely cancelled. Hell, he had paranoid schizophrenia. That shit makes you completely unaware of who you are changing into.
  10. Haha. I'm not really telling you to go chide everyone there. Jeez. I'm just saying that you're probably one of those people who aren't being consistent when it comes to criticism of artists. There's a certain herd mentality going on and people pile it on when they see others jumping on someone doing something immoral or assholey, but it's being done so disproportionately and selectively. To be honest, Ryan seems like someone who is really bad at handling relationships. Is that bad? Of course. Is it something worth having such hate being thrown at him? I don't think so. Like I mentioned, he didn't murder or rape, and yea he did something shitty like hitting on the 15 year old, but it seemed like he probably stopped once he found out or suspected as such. You talk about me being in my feels but look at how you're typing here. Are you twelve? 'Peak loser'... Seriously? Lol. Also, he's not one of my favourite artists - I've only really heard 5 or 6 of his albums.
  11. Lolll it's really hard to take you seriously when you're all hyperbolic. @satoshi was right. Grow up dude. But well here's a David Bowie thread. Why don't you chime in and remind everyone of what he did, just like what you did with Ryan here?
  12. Haha. Don't be a child. Read what I said again. I'm not defending his actions, but questioning why everyone here is jumping on Ryan Adams when Bowie is still praised as a genius despite having sex with multiple teenagers. It's just hypocritical. I don't think people here would be jumping on Bowie or Chris Brown with as much vitriol and hatred should there be threads about them. He's been called out. He's lost everything he's had. He's not perfect. Let him heal. He did not murder/rape. No use to just keep pounding him selectively and repeatedly because he did something that doesn't fit your/our moral compass and because it's cool or easy to do something like that in this era.
  13. Mob mentality at its best. There have been much worse musicians; only thing is they haven't had long articles written about them. Ryan certainly isn't an angel. He's probably fucked in some ways just like many of us are. But we need to look at ourselves and ask if we have the same attitude or disdain towards someone like Elvis / Bowie / Chris Brown / Pete Wentz, or are people like Jesse Lacey and Ryan suffering disproportionately because of the time we are in.
  14. What’s been discussed is right! The demos are bloody great.
  15. Man, that King Woman LP is great but I find myself turning away from the cover always.
  16. https://southernlord.bandcamp.com/merch New pressings of both Nightmare Logic and Manifest Decimation for Bandcamp Fridays up. RIP Riley ❤️
  17. Am not too familiar with the entire span of Rival Schools' work. How does this compare to United by Fate?
  18. A check on Wiki tells me all 5 current members played on WIE though...
  19. In the past, did Numero put up pre-orders for box sets along with bands' individual albums, or did the boxes only go up at the end of the entire series of reissues?

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