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What's your latest purchase?

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Not a purchase, but one of my neighbors was cleaning out his garage a few weeks ago and was going to recycle this poor guy. He said he didn't even know if it turned on anymore or not and had been sitting for the last few years.  It powered on fine, the pots and contacts needed some cleaning (had an issue with one channel on the aux input and crackly volume knob), but even with my limited knowledge of maintaining electronics, I got it up and running 100% now outside of the balance knob being physically broken off and missing


From my understanding I think the 2238 is a "nothing special" type of marantz from its era, but it sounds fantastic and is powering my def tech towers beautifully. Even with the volume dialed at 8:30, the speakers are comfortably loud :)

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Not a vinyl related purchase, but I recently picked up an Apple TV 4k to go with the Samsung 4k HDR set I bought last fall.


At time of purchase, I didn't even know that Apple was giving out freebee 4k versions of any movie you currently have in your library (most of mine were just from free digital download codes) so that was a really nice bonus.


Over the weekend I watched Deadpool, The Martian, and Stranger Things Season 2 in 4k HDR and have to admit that it REALLY takes some getting used to.  Instead of watching a movie, it's just like watching people walking around. EDIT:  I actually fixed this by turning off Auto Motion.  Either this wasn't kicking in regular HD content or it wasn't as noticeable. 

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13 hours ago, MyckelJay said:

Ya boy just bought a silver AT LP60 turntable for $3 at the thrift store. They said in powers on, but it just hums and doesn't turn. The belt slipped loose... The freaking belt, man. A one-minute fix. 



So did you drop in the trash after wasting $3 on it?

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20 hours ago, MyckelJay said:

Why would I do that? Electronics get recycled. Have some respect for the environment, man.

Whatever man, that turntable is a piece of shit. Don't use it on your records. 

Place it in the nearest recycling bin.  That was $3 you could have used towards your next colored vinyl purchase.

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