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  1. Damn the new track is sick. Can't wait to hear the full album. Definitely looking forward to experience it live at Roadburn as well.
  2. True. Now that I look at the pictures of the stores, then I can see that Sound Pollution was actually the one I had in mind. Great store, both are worth a visit
  3. Video for "I Can Tell You About the Pain" http://www.npr.org/event/music/539049982/converge-tells-you-about-terror-in-video-for-i-can-tell-you-about-pain
  4. I don't think the album PO will be up today, but I'm definitely stoked about some new Converge music. It's already been five years since AWLWLB, so I am definitely excited. Edit: Oh, 7" PO up...1000 Converge exclusive. I guess that's the tour variant.
  5. Hallo. A dane here. I don't live in Copenhagen, but I've been there a lot of times. As mentioned above then Route 66 is definitely worth a visit. You should definitely also visit Christiania when you're here. There is also dinner place which called spiseloppen as far I recall, they should have some vegan food for sure. Copenhagen Street Food is definitely also worth a visit. They have their own website, where you can read more about it If you're interesting in going for a concert while here then Vega is a nice place to visit. If you want to do some tourist stuff in CPH then I would recommend to go to Nyhavn. Lovely place where you easily can get something to drink and eat. There should also be some canal tours nearby nyhavn. It's a good way to see Copenhagen and the canal tours are not that expensive, you can check that out here http://www.havnerundfart.dk/canaltours/index.php?page=forside.php I've been in Stockholm a few times as well, but I don't know that much about Stockholm compared to CPH. Anyways, in Stockholm be sure to visit Gamla Stan. There is a record store in Gamla Stan called Plugged Records which is worth a visit, and there is definitely a few good places to eat and drink there as well. Also general advice. None of these countries use euro as currency. For the scandinavian countries, if you're out late at night there might not be any busses or trains going to your hotel, be sure to check the schedules. In denmark we got an app and webpage called rejseplanen. It's so easy to use and very handy if you want to use public transportation.
  6. I think you're getting people wrong in this thread. I don't see anyone in this thread even hinting they want a new HT/Meteora record, or that Nu-metal sound. Well, I certainly don't. That music is in the past for me and doesn't really resonate with me anymore. But Linkin Park has always managed to make some decent pop-rock songs that I enjoyed to sing along to. Songs like Shadow of the Day, Waiting for the End, Powerless, Final Masquerade etc...I think they're good at making these pop-rock songs, where you can still hear it's Linkin Park. I agree on there is a ton of music out there which is far better, no doubt about it, but stuff like Converge or Deafheaven ain't exactly the music you can walk around and sing along to in your apartment, or well, I can't Anyways, what is disappointing with this song, in particular, is that you can't really hear it's Linkin Park anymore. I know they can do better than this at least, it seems like not much effort went into it.
  7. If that really blows your mind then you should have a look at the comment section on Facebook and Youtube, oh man that is amusing. There is still some people who compare their nowadays music to Hybrid Theory and Meteora, some people still expect that one day they will go back to Nu-metal sound. That blows my mind. Anyways, this track must be really boring to play live. Half of the members will have to leave the stage or just sit and stare. It actually sounds like a song that should have been on a Kiiara album and not the other way around.
  8. I ordered the splatter version as well from Uncle M. Shame that poison city records doesn't ship to Denmark. If they had then I would have grabbed the tri-color variant instead. Anyways, really looking forward to hearing this record. Everything they have done so far has been solid.
  9. I've liked LP since HT. I'm one of those who actually really liked A Thousand Suns, but I do think things have been going downhill since that. The song-writing has become more and more sloppy, and this new song is, in my opinion, one of the worst songs they have ever made. A generic pop song that sounds like everything else on the radio. I'm definitely not gonna pre-order this record. I will check out when it's released, but that is about it. Thanks, but no thanks Linkin Pop.
  10. Grabbed the /150 as well. Glad I had put some money aside for this release The new song is quite beautiful, same goes for the music video. Definitely looking forward to hearing the whole album.
  11. Really, a long time fan quit supporting because of this? Ridiculous. All the dudes in Converge are hard-working people who are committed to music. They deserve every penny they get. Blood Moon could get the same treatment and I would honestly be glad if it did! First of all, it's cool that they played these shows at all. Special concerts like these should be recorded and released. It's a shame if they didn't. Most live releases are quite boring to be fair, so I'm glad they did something special like this. I just don't agree with your logic. If they were really looking to make some money then there would have been 5 different variants with only one artwork piece for the record. There would still be lots of collectors buying all the variants. So this is a special service for the fans imo and a cool project for both the band and artists to be a part of. Also, they will only repress the Ashley Couture edition (If the demand is there). None of the other variants will be repressed and they're limited to 500 each. So even if there weren't any variant collectors among Converge fans those would still easily have sold out. Oh, and hey not to mention that it's more expensive to have so many artists involved rather than just one artist making the artwork for the record. I've seen people bitching about lots of things, but this is just silly.
  12. Really glad they released this. This is one of the best shows I've been at, so I'm glad that I in someway can relive that moment. The different artworks are super dope. I couldn't decide between Hooper and Couture, so I went with both. (Also, I'm sorry if I'm gonna ruin the enjoyment of homewrecker for anyone. I hope Kurt mixed it well haha )
  13. I haven't received my vinyl yet, but I have already listened to the digital release of the record...and oh my, what a record. Definitely their best release, such a breath-taking album. My favorite release from this year so far.
  14. Cheers for the info! I manage to grab one now. I guess someone cancelled their order, or maybe they'll receive more variants than expected. Who knows. The approx 200 copies worldwide could still be the case. Impericon is the only place that's selling them right?
  15. I would really like this too. I would be so appreciative if one of you people overseas could help out! I would pay you a bit extra for your trouble. Regarding the new record. I wasn't too impress the first time I heard it, but it's a steady grower and it's definitely another great release by them. Makes me a bit more sad about I missed out on the Grey Marble/Smoke variant, but oh well, I'm really happy about they're back from their hiatus.