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  1. Anyone care for the record and grab the deluxe? The packaging is so cool that the art doesn't suck anymore.
  2. I think even The Meadowlands won't be expensive at all once it gets any sort of repress. I imagine there are just a handful of people driving the price up. I got mine about ten years ago and was piiiiiiiiiissed at the forced $10 shipping hahahaha. Glad I complain and buy things anyway.
  3. They still use the pressing machines. Might just be more materials available to make them.
  4. I bought Silver for less than $10 after missing it on RSD 😅 I think this will be a similar situation although this album is much better so I won't chance it and wait. I think people only care about The Meadowlands on vinyl at this point. I'm not even excited for the "new album" anymore which sucks.
  5. Yes this. $120 is still a lot but it'll feel more worth it imo. I don't think people are understanding the scope of a 4 pound object. I think the 360 page book is mostly words too, and also like 9 inches tall.
  6. It's blowing my mind how a triple pocket jacket at $60-75 is somehow being considered a good deal compared to the deluxe book. Do y'all not own any past Radiohead deluxe editions? Shit is 4 pounds lol downgrading to save ~33% is gonna make you feel dumb later just sayin.
  7. I had no idea. I remember From the Basement sounding amazing but don't watch it nearly as much as I listen to the Daily Mail single and it tricked me. Wow.
  8. I already see this being posted as fact on Reddit lmao. No, it doesn't work that way but thanks for posting you aren't sure. Thom has been using small labels on the last few releases between Radiohead and solo stuff.
  9. Yeah they did. Around the time The King of Limbs came out. Here's a CD version https://www.discogs.com/Radiohead-The-Daily-Mail-Staircase/release/4983431
  10. Also it isn't all of the b-sides? I didn't even realize. There are a few tracks that look really interesting on the 3rd disc so I'm not completely bummed. Thanks for the BM link.

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