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  1. Someone should inventory count to see how bad they fucked up
  2. This might be one of the worst decisions I've seen a label make...
  3. Yeah I totally forgot about the buy to keep sealed crowd. I wish I'd known from the beginning to just buy a sealed copy in addition to my play copy of every release. It literally is a healthy retirement fund at this point and anyone who has done that is sitting pretty
  4. I know this is a joke but I don't really think a sealed record is all that more valuable to flip these days with all the plant mistakes going on. Listing as NM Perfect Condition on stuff I've opened to inspect and not play usually gets me the stupid prices over max value on discogs that these people are willing to pay now. Plus I can play it anyways and lie about it if it's open.
  5. Just put like 20 legs and you're good to go. Seriously though it takes extreme heat to warp a record. Anything in the 70s isn't gonna do it or my whole collection would be warped because I live in S Florida. Most warping actually happens at the pressing plant because they didn't cool the records long enough before moving them.
  6. It's hella annoying but I think that It's All Crazy timetable was for the second batch cuz I got mine in July.
  7. Yep AOTY they've done it again. It's too short but honestly could our hearts handle another track?
  8. My download was 160kbps lol keeping it strictly Dino jr. style this time.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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