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  1. Not gonna lie, you had me in the first half. Was gonna jump on a preorder just for the link.
  2. Are digital codes for preoders live today or on the physical record's release date in 2021?
  3. Just got my copy from secretly, but there was no download code in the jacket. This happen to anyone else or did they just not include it?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm planning on purchasing the mini-lore's sometime soon, and was also browsing for a power amp to pair with it. I am wondering if anyone had some solid recommendations I might not otherwise be looking to. My system is currently a Music Hall 2.3, with a Emotiva TA-100 as my receiver. Thanks!
  5. Selling my U-Turn Audio turntable (Blue, Audio-Technica AT91B, Cue Lever) for $150 shipped. Last used in 2018 and in great condition. Perfect as a gift and/or for someone looking to get into the hobby. Pictures available upon request. I'll also throw in Title Fight's Floral Green (Green variant) for the buyer.
  6. I know it might be much for those on the West Coast, but the Knitting Factory in Boise is probably worth buying tickets to. I saw Bright Eyes there when it was formerly known as the Big Easy back in 2007. I was 17 then and my first time seeing Bright Eyes. Still one of the most memorable shows I've been to. After that point I went to college in Seattle, then went to the Midwest for graduate school. But every summer I'd go back to visit my mom and see a show there (now known as the Knitting Factory) and the place is exactly the same intimate small space I went to in high school. Saw Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley a few times, Deer Tick, Neutral Milk Hotel, and some others there. I was floored when I saw that Bright Eyes (though Conor likes to play there as a solo outfit) was actually going there after their hiatus. Luckily my fiancee (who loves Bright Eyes and Conor Oberst) bought us tickets via the pre-sell email, so I didn't have to think twice, so we'll be traveling to Boise to see the old band and visit family. My guess is Conor likes these types of spaces, and it really shows when he does. But seriously, if its within reason I'd go check them out in Boise. You most likely won't get this type of setting for them at this point in the future.
  7. I always find it humorous when I meet people who cannot stand Conor's voice. I'm glad I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum.
  8. Is there some update being released tomorrow?
  9. This. These dudes' contributions and place to Bright Eyes must not be understated.
  10. Exactly what I needed to convince me to preorder.
  11. The "I shouldn't be wearing these small of shorts and jumping around in my 30s nor making garbage music like this" variant.
  12. Here's another track from the album. Pretty different stuff indeed.
  13. Quite pricey, but I pulled the trigger. They must have these pressed already since the release date is in three days.
  14. Where do you see that? I only see the Telemarket Mishap as the only extra track on there.
  15. That's crazy to read. Abandoned Mansion is incredible.
  16. Album is a banger. A bummer they couldn't work out to play Sound and Fury.
  17. Loving this already. When I downloaded the album earlier it says that the LP shipped. Did anyone get shipping notification?
  18. I have a copy of this I'm willing to part with if anyone is interested. I have the anniversary edition, so I don't have much use for the red and green version.
  19. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check those out. Thanks to everyone else as well.