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  1. stillalivetui

    PO: Shook Ones - Body Feel

    Bellingham, WA represent!
  2. Quite pricey, but I pulled the trigger. They must have these pressed already since the release date is in three days.
  3. Where do you see that? I only see the Telemarket Mishap as the only extra track on there.
  4. stillalivetui

    Power Trip - Nightmare Logic

    As well as Armageddon Blues.
  5. Dr. Dog is the best Dr. Dog cover band!
  6. That's crazy to read. Abandoned Mansion is incredible.
  7. Album is a banger. A bummer they couldn't work out to play Sound and Fury.
  8. Loving this already. When I downloaded the album earlier it says that the LP shipped. Did anyone get shipping notification?
  9. Went for the RFC Oxblood. What does "bone" look like?
  10. I have a copy of this I'm willing to part with if anyone is interested. I have the anniversary edition, so I don't have much use for the red and green version.
  11. stillalivetui

    Music Hall MMF-1.5

    Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check those out. Thanks to everyone else as well.
  12. Damn, Abandoned Mansion was incredible. I thought that album was perfect.
  13. Hmmm not sure how I feel about the single quite yet. But happy to see they're coming out with another album. I thought Away was going to be their final one.
  14. Hi all, I'm thinking of upgrading my turntable, which is currently a U-Turn Basic. I've recently come across this new Music Hall table ($399) that I really like. http://musichallaudio.com/new-mmf-1-5-turntable/ Is this a worthy upgrade from my U-Turn or nah? I'm running my current table with a Schiit Mani and Emotiva TA-100 with some Insignia speakers I will probably upgrade in the summer. Thanks for the help!
  15. Love Delta Spirit and Titus. And this sounds nothing like Delta. That said, this song is awesome.