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  1. Got my plain black normal pressing from Bull Moose and I love it.
  2. I was already out when I saw it was 2xLP. I don't want to flip it over every 3 songs. I would gladly sacrifice a few dbs of low end on a rock record for the sake of fitting it on 2 sides. Also I need it for about $18. Soooo i'm out. Unfortunately.
  3. Pre-order is up at noon central today 11/17/16 if you happen to have $31 burning a hole in your pocket Pre-order
  4. "Our new album, "Rockingham" is reaching the final stage of completion! Hooray!!!" So it will be landing at about the 2 year mark.
  5. I would warn OP that anyone that takes the survey from this post is likely to put sarcastic answers. Your data might be compromised by coming here.
  6. How many hoops can I jump through to buy one record? What a pain in the ass.
  7. It was a CD, but it was recorded from TV. It was pretty awful. No artwork or anything. It goes well with my CDr bootlegs of Family Guy from that time.
  8. Thanks for making this. As soon as I get some money I am on it. I had a bootleg of this soundtrack from the early days that sounded like crap. This will be nice!
  9. Do you have 2 copies of the same record that are not filed next to each other?
  10. "This won't sell out. The Books a Million copies alone are enough to saturate the market." -Benjamin Franklin
  11. Somewhat related. A domestic ebay seller had 2 copies of The Good Natured Skeleton 10" EP. It's rarely for sale in the states. I got one of the copies. One still for sale here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Good-Natured-SKELETON-EP-10-45-RPM-Vinyl-Jul-4-2011-/400933284878?hash=item5d597c6c0e You can check them out here: Entirely possible I am the only one who gives a crap.
  12. Hate them all except this one http://www.discogs.com/Your-Mother-The-Weird-Al-bum/release/2549685