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  1. Banner Pilot - Pass The Poison (grey marble) Mastodon - Crack The Skye (green) Gojira - From Mars To Sirius (clear) http://m.ebay.com/search?cmd=SREF&kw=seller%253Abrucet101285&pgn=1&sellerId=brucet101285
  2. I have the picture disc. Picked it up at Sound Exchange for $20. It sounds fine.
  3. That's awesome man! I saw them going for like $70 last month on ebay. I've been collecting their stuff, but that was a little steep for me!
  4. Got Dillinger Escape Plan "Calculating Infinity" picture disc for $30 shipped.
  5. I ordered the Athletics "Who You Are Is Not Enough" and recieved a sampler from In The Clouds for The Black Jesuses "Losing My Name". I'm addicted to this song now. Anyone else have any bands that they recently caught a demo for and can't stop listening to? http://m.soundcloud.com/blackjesuses/losing-my-name-clip
  6. That's a new gravel thing they're doing. I think they did it on the tour variant.
  7. Target RSD 2014! Bon Jovi, Tiffany, Culture Club!
  8. I got this in the mail today. Sounds amazing and the packaging is even better in person.
  9. I just got a paypal receipt too. I hope that the vinyl is like the original and not the repress. I need "Jerry's the name sociology's my game" to have that voicemail message on it!
  10. That blows! My mailman is a pretty good guy. He'll straight out wrap my records in a plastic bag if it's raining out. Sucks that not everyone is like that.
  11. I'm just looking to have members post bands from their area that have releases that were put out, but never on vinyl. Local acts that are currently together or have disbanded. Didn't really think to specify it in my original post last night.
  12. I'm all about that. I ordered that Athletics "Who You Are Is Not Enough" record because of this site. I had never heard of them, but really thought the packaging of the record looked amazing, so I listened to a song or two on youtube and decided to get it.