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  1. Shit. Missed this. Guess I'll keep my eye on it just in case there's a restock but doubtful.
  2. An exclusive or black vinyl? Was there an exclusive that I already missed? Lol
  3. I screwed the pooch on ordering this, so here’s hoping there’s a Newbury Comics version or something.
  4. Still wish I got that second version but I like the look of this “triple swirl” as well. Any word on an indie exclusive?
  5. Damn, I forgot to check back but that's a sexier version than the pink!
  6. FYI I ordered all of the represses but haven’t received yet so I guess Mute Print is the one they’re waiting on judging by the IG posts of the other records.
  7. Yeah I’m kinda shocked that “I Guess I Just Feel Like” is on there, but happy it is. It seemed like it wouldn’t fit this whole vibe but looks like it’ll be a varied sound on the album from that, to “New Light,” and to the this latest single.
  8. Yeah the TBA colors are curious because of the countdowns attached to them. I feel like one of them is an indie exclusive.
  9. Holy shit I didn't know about the Downset pressing. Glad I came on here!
  10. This might not be totally fitting for this thread, but does anyone have any recommendations for any stuff similar to the Jazz Spastiks 'Scratch and Sniff' record? https://jazzspastiks.bandcamp.com/album/scratch-and-sniff
  11. Will the list be chock full of nü-metal 20 year anniversary albums?
  12. Is there a PlayStation themed version of that 2xLP boot? I sure as hell don't want the one with N64 buttons on the labels and whatnot. It makes me think the songs will be censored. 😜
  13. Now where the hell did people get that 2xLP of THPS 1 and 2 songs?! It's color vinyl, gatefold, and even includes Alley Life's "Out With the Old."
  14. Sadly it does not have a download. I emailed about the download code thinking I was supposed to receive one via email upon release date. The response was that the album didn't include a full download, just that first single. First time I've experienced that, and I'm still shaking my head.
  15. I believe they have them in hand and are shipping ASAP.
  16. I gotta listen again but I'm inclined to agree with this. The singles were a bit bland but that first song is a banger, and there's a few other songs with great big choruses that I really liked.
  17. I got a shipping notification for the blob/splatter standalones today for Anthem and B-Sides.
  18. Interesting that an independent band would let Wal-Mart have exclusives of their releases, but I'm not entirely surprised. I'm sure someone with a ninja star logo shirt will get a Crosley for Christmas and love hunting down all the fun color Metallica reissues, and more power to them. There, now that I'm done being diplomatic, Metallica has been a brand for a long time now and it's starting to wear on the public's opinion I feel. They're a well-oiled machine that I respect for doing everything exactly the way they want to, and if these pressings are affordable and widely available then that's fine by me, but it doesn't mean I'm rushing to Wal-Mart to buy any of them.
  19. 85 orange instrumental copies left. I'm glad they did big numbers for each color!
  20. Aw crap, digital? Meh, I didn’t have it yet and figured I’d get in the Xmas spirit.
  21. Looks like it’s going up this Friday, December 4th. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIQzkibp0Tg/?igshid=iwi4qxokd4jk
  22. So when do we get the inevitable “This is delayed until late February” email?
  23. Now the question is...when? Black Friday I’m guessing with Xmas Alfredo shirts dropping at the Restaurant?
  24. Edit: just saw the ticker on the site. Damn did I miss a post confirming this?! I know ALC drops are on Fridays...

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