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  1. Ugh, there are a couple of them too... here we go again.
  2. FB post said the pre-order was available now but it's totally not listed on the site 🤷‍♂️ edit: must have sold out edit x2: its back
  3. I had that thought as well; I missed them when they were in Orlando last due to other commitments, not sure if I've got it in me to drive to Gainesville to catch them this time.
  4. Diary is getting re-recorded and released, PO this Friday 1/26/24
  5. This. Especially with the sad state of Florida and bands basically not coming here anymore (or at least less so than usual). According to my Discogs I bought less than I did in 2022, but I've noticed myself being more picky. Like others have said kids and other commitments get in the way and I find less time to sit down and actually spin a record. Spotify is king in our house currently.
  6. I'm in the process of restoring an old VW, this has happened to me a few times buying parts from private sellers in the last year. Such a pain in the ass.
  7. It still lives But looks like most if not all of the links are dead.
  8. It'd probably border on encyclopedia at this point.
  9. I'll back you up here, while great overall there are some tracks that are a little over-produced.
  10. Got an email yesterday that the Newbury version is cancelled due to production errors.
  11. They've put out more "new" since they broke up than in the last decade, wild.
  12. There's a theory on the subreddit that it's because 1989 was first played to Karlie Kloss on a tripe down the PCH. It ties around to the whole Gaylor theory. Jesus I spend too much time on Reddit.
  13. This got posted to SmartPunk this morning https://smartpunkshop.com/products/yellowcard-ocean-avenue-2023-pressing?_kx=1xn43ahxq8ZBBTGMR1bXzi_LyUqnjq5NZ89-_c1o-XQ%3D.TeCqyB
  14. I'm sure they're gauging if Tom will stick around for a while this time.
  15. So much this, especially during the start of Covid when I had nothing better to do than shop for records I ended up with alot of stuff I'll probably never listen to. Also keep a list of your pre-orders somewhere so you don't end up buying things twice, I learned that one the hard way a few times.
  16. My constructive answer to the question is much less than I'd like. In college I was able to basically have a record spinning if I was awake and not in class (I worked remote in Silicon Valley all through college). Nowadays, even though I still work from home my real job requires a bit more concentration and I generally find myself just letting Spotify play in the background so there's noise in my office. I have bought my daughter a few records (mostly the RSD Baby Shark stuff and Disney soundtracks), those get the most playtime. Occasionally I'll prop up on the couch with a bourbon and listen to something not aimed at the average three-year-old, but getting old sucks and there aren't enough hours in the day to do that more than once or twice a month.
  17. A more honest review of VC has never existed.
  18. On injest everything gets put into a MoFi sleeve and then in a poly outer, if they're printed inner sleeves I'll keep them, and if the plastic inner will fit I put it in the printed one, otherwise I just put them in the jacket. Blank white/black/whatever get recycled.
  19. The band hasn't even announced it yet, impressive.
  20. Lots of them are mass posting copies of the Long Pond Sessions from RSD, and the live Lover, I have them both in my watch list and 60+% of my daily notifications are those two albums significantly under retail.
  21. Except paypal has to report too, so either way you're paying taxes on it.
  22. The T.V.'s haven't generally gotten multiple releases from her, at most we'll get a red one from Target.
  23. Came to say this, Discogs has already done the hard work; all you have to do if plug your collection in.

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