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  1. Lots of them are mass posting copies of the Long Pond Sessions from RSD, and the live Lover, I have them both in my watch list and 60+% of my daily notifications are those two albums significantly under retail.
  2. Except paypal has to report too, so either way you're paying taxes on it.
  3. The T.V.'s haven't generally gotten multiple releases from her, at most we'll get a red one from Target.
  4. Came to say this, Discogs has already done the hard work; all you have to do if plug your collection in.
  5. I'd be down to explore this, doesn't look too difficult.
  6. I have the Spotify exclusive getting delivered today, the one from the band is shipped but I assume it'll come over the weekend or next week. Saw them Tuesday night in St. Pete and they're touring with an Oxblood pressing as well, didn't realize it was a tour press only or I would have picked it up. Edit: Scratch that, according to Discogs the Oxblood is the standard edition.
  7. 10th Anniversary re-release with additional tracks out fro PO now https://www.daftpunk.com/ releases in May.
  8. Really surprised they didn't re-issue the 3LP from the 10th anniversary
  9. Picked up the signed, bummer I'll miss the tour though he rarely makes it into Florida past Tallahassee.
  10. I clicked the image in the confirmation email, going to the website still asks for a password.
  11. Mine are covered through our homeowners policy, we've floated the idea of getting a secondary policy just for them but haven't bitten the bullet yet.
  12. We ended up getting slightly better seats in the Capitol One sale, we're still way off to the side, but at least not behind the stage.
  13. Honestly, compared to her past tours these tickets were pretty reasonable. Our 49$ tickets however are almost behind the stage, so we'll see how that goes
  14. I paid 49$ each, so it was like just under 300 for four after fees
  15. I wan in line from 10:00 to 2:20, got really cheap, really garbage seats. So much for having any kind of priority, I made it through the queue three times and it errored out and kicked me back to the beginning twice.
  16. Yeah, tons of them; both records look more golf ball than record. But it doesn't seem to effect playback, so whatever.

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