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  1. Man the vinyl release of this album was fantastic, beautiful gatefold also. Or are we talking about a shitty CD rip pressing
  2. Music? you think we buy all these soundtracks to movies we haven't seen to listen to? HA
  3. Got audyssey version of Girl Walks Alone (shipped already) and the print (shipping next week), I would say today was a success and didn't have to be tempted by eBay flippers
  4. Why do idiots keep making threads for albums with no confirmed vinyl release?
  5. Darjeeling OST is getting a regular release a month after lol, that makes only thing I want And that will probably get a wide release also
  6. "Initial run of 2000" Aka They will press as many as they need to meet demand
  7. People are getting into cassessttes now? Lol Not going down that hipster route, sorry

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