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  1. Good taste? 'Tis the label name. Seemed fitting.
  2. Releases October 6th 2018 on No Funeral Records ! Long awaited debut from Montreal Screamo group "Dianacrawls" Members of Commuovere, Ultimate Screamo Band, Heresie Ltd to 150 handpainted glitter ivory tapes Order here: http://nofuneral.storenvy.com/products/24538818-dianacrawls-sporadic-defenestration-tape Listen to the premier here: http://openmindsaturatedbrain.blogspot.com/2018/09/dianacrawls-exclusive-premiere.html?m=1
  3. ethanxfoley

    Single Mothers - Wild Party EP 7"

    anyone going to the record release in london? i need to keep my collection complete and i doubt ill make it out for the exclusive cover.
  4. http://www.discogs.com/MGMT-Congratulations/release/2228790 says in the description gatefold., but i cant find pics so who knows. im actually not too worried about that one or oracular pressings anyway, just variants for the singles because theyre actually different colours and not just slight number changes in the runout.
  5. my copy has some marks and some pretty bad popping for 5 or 6 seconds. kind of bummed.
  6. working on an MGMT collection with the lady. Hook me a deal for anything we dont have! Looking for all variants. oracular, US pressing congrats, non gatefold ST, 180g + test press latenighttales comp siberian breaks UK of moons cyan marbled metanoia 10" congrats 7" alien days cassette (not pictured) still need: congrats gatefold siberian breaks US of moons black of moons grey kids 12" electric feel 7" and 12" time to pretend 7" spectrum spacemen 3 split funzone welcome 7"
  7. ethanxfoley

    Death Pool 2014—any interest?

    id like to see how this turns out
  8. if hes not interetested i might be. is it third world release or the other one?
  9. Its not a record. Its prints (paper) of live photos and a live cd thrown in a record sleeve. Wish it was a record. Its cool regardless. They had them on their tour with title fight and pianos become the teeth but i missed the show so i had to buy it off a guy. I actually bought everything pictured off the same guy. i actually have 3-4 copies of the black 7" that will be gifts for friends who have yet to buy it. he threw in some buttons and a patch too. cool dude. pretty sure he posts on here, just dont know his name, zeek if youre reading this, thanks d00d.
  10. not as impressive as most on here but its complete, with CDs and all. If anyone can get me a test for the 7" id be eternally grateful.
  11. ethanxfoley

    Help me with a complete MGMT collection!

    metanoiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaa no longer needed
  12. help me out duuuuuuuuuuuuudes. Congratulations (2x LP) Siberian Breaks 12" (EUR) Siberian Breaks 12" (US) Metanoia 10" Of Moons Monsters and Birds 12" (Coloured + Mispress) Funzone Welcome 7" Electric Feel 12" Electric Feel 7" Kids 12" Time To Pretend 7" Spacemen 3 / Spectrum split 7" Euro pressings of Oracular Any Tests
  13. Looking for what I paid ($30) + shipping. Im in Canada so preferably sell to a Canadian to give someone a better deal. will take trades too.