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  1. The blister red must have sold quick. Tried for it this morning and it was already gone. Went with the indie exclusive via Bullmoose instead.
  2. The other label involved with this release, Kontakt Audio, is still taking orders for the splatter variants. Hopefully they come through. https://www.kontaktaudio.com/shop/muslimgauze-uzi/
  3. Looks like there will be an indie exclusive edition of 1,000 on red/black splatter vinyl, up now on Bullmoose with an October 9th release date: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34655286/ They've also got the standard black pressing up for a couple bucks less: https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34655287/
  4. Indie Vinyl Den https://www.indievinylden.com/products/sufjan-stevens-the-ascension-limited-edition-2xlp-clear-color-vinyl?_pos=8&_sid=4ce343c37&_ss=r Plaid Room https://www.plaidroomrecords.com/collections/pre-orders/products/b-sufjan-stevens-b-br-i-the-acension-clear-vinyl-i-br-release-date-09-25-2020
  5. My Plain Recordings pressing off Ladies & Gentlemen is nice to look at and more listenable than it's reputation suggests but I won't hesitate a moment to get VMP's reissue. Is it too much to hope they do a store exclusive pressings of their first two records with proper remasters as well?
  6. Deep Discount has this listed now as well. They have a 15% of coupon through 6/30 (MEGALODON) That brings the price to $31.14 (plus tax where applicable). Comes out the same as the early Bull Moose price for me, but may be a good deal for others!
  7. I hope they honor the old price! They usually do, but I have had them email me about a price mistake once before. They gave me the option of cancelling it paying the correct (higher) price.
  8. 2LP is up at Bullmoose ($33.97) https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34598665/mercury-rev-all-is-dream-coloured-vinyl
  9. Looks like The Crow OST may be finally getting a standard edition reissue on October 2nd. https://www.target.com/p/various-artists-the-crow-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-explicit-lyrics-vinyl/-/A-80379421
  10. The glow in the dark 12" is another in a very long list of Cleopatra reissues of the same 3 tracks in various colors. It's not authorized by artists and generally considered to be a low quality release. Don't bother with it. I'll be picking up the other three 12"s, though it does seem likely that they will be easy to find discounted in the not too distant future, just like the recent New Order reissues. I'm not sure how much of a market there is for 12" singles these days.
  11. Deep Discount has it on clearance for $7.13 https://www.deepdiscount.com/fanatic-voyage/781484602019
  12. The art really calls for a clear vinyl pressing, but I wanted the 7" so I jumped on the deluxe set on aquamarine. Not sure why they felt the need to include a CD copy...
  13. My pre-order for the Special Edition is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Couldn't turn down the option for unique hand-drawn artwork. It was supposed to have been limited to 50 but Emily mentioned on Instagram that she drew a few extras, some of which are still in stock. Definitely looking forward to hearing what the album has in store.
  14. Target may have let the cat out of the bag. Temporary Residence seems to be releasing a long awaited reissue of Explosions In The Sky's debut How Strange, Innocence as well as giving The Rescue it's first vinyl pressing. Both are scheduled for August 16th and judging by price point and recent TRR release strategies there will likely be both black vinyl and retail exclusive colored vinyl pressings. How Strange, Innocence (standard black vinyl?) How Strange, Innocence (colored vinyl?) The Rescue (standard black vinyl?) The Rescue (colored vinyl?)
  15. As long as Rip Tide is still cloth bound with foil lettering than I think the artwork is fine. It would be very dull if it were simply a brown sleeve with the title printed in matte gold ink. It's $2 more than the others, hopefully that's why.

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