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  1. Deep Discount has it on clearance for $7.13 https://www.deepdiscount.com/fanatic-voyage/781484602019
  2. The art really calls for a clear vinyl pressing, but I wanted the 7" so I jumped on the deluxe set on aquamarine. Not sure why they felt the need to include a CD copy...
  3. My pre-order for the Special Edition is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Couldn't turn down the option for unique hand-drawn artwork. It was supposed to have been limited to 50 but Emily mentioned on Instagram that she drew a few extras, some of which are still in stock. Definitely looking forward to hearing what the album has in store.
  4. Target may have let the cat out of the bag. Temporary Residence seems to be releasing a long awaited reissue of Explosions In The Sky's debut How Strange, Innocence as well as giving The Rescue it's first vinyl pressing. Both are scheduled for August 16th and judging by price point and recent TRR release strategies there will likely be both black vinyl and retail exclusive colored vinyl pressings. How Strange, Innocence (standard black vinyl?) How Strange, Innocence (colored vinyl?) The Rescue (standard black vinyl?) The Rescue (colored vinyl?)
  5. As long as Rip Tide is still cloth bound with foil lettering than I think the artwork is fine. It would be very dull if it were simply a brown sleeve with the title printed in matte gold ink. It's $2 more than the others, hopefully that's why.
  6. I was hoping to see Lon Gisland. I kept snoozing on it since I have it on CD and it's difficult to find now. It is interesting to see the different artwork for Flying Club Cup. I'm a sucker for artwork variations and it's my favorite Beirut LP so I may double dip. I wonder what the story is with the change.
  7. There is also at least one retail variant of the Hymn reissue. "Pearlescent Blue-Green" /1,000 is listed at Bullmoose. "Metallic Ocean Blue & Green" /1000 is listed at Deep Discount. The listings have the same UPC and the descriptions are similar enough that they may be the same, but they use the same canned promotional description that is identical in every other detail but the color of the vinyl.
  8. Both came out on the USA, but my guess is you guys have Us And Us Only listed since I personally didn't see any Some Friendly when I was looking for it at your Oakland store yesterday.
  9. The player is $70 according to this article: https://thevinylfactory.com/news/crosley-unveils-miniature-3-inch-turntable/ I would pick up the Rancid 3" if it weren't part of a blind box just to have as a sort of oddity.
  10. Wonderland was repressed recently for the European marketplace. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07G2MYV6L/ Us & Us Only has always been my favorite so I'm hoping it's really happening.
  11. I'm not sure the world needs another animated band and I'm not sure I need this record but I ordered it anyway.
  12. And it looks like they've already listed First Band On The Moon https://www.bullmoose.com/p/28640867/cardigans-first-band-on-thelp
  13. Finally! I had heard rumors that the first A Camp album would also get a release. I hope that and the b-sides collections are still in the pipeline. Also, great to know Life has the original tracklisting.
  14. Ordered Jose Gonzalez and Dead Kennedy's from Bullmoose this morning. My order has already been packaged.