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  1. aphasias

    PO: Cardigans Discography

    And it looks like they've already listed First Band On The Moon https://www.bullmoose.com/p/28640867/cardigans-first-band-on-thelp
  2. aphasias

    PO: Cardigans Discography

    Finally! I had heard rumors that the first A Camp album would also get a release. I hope that and the b-sides collections are still in the pipeline. Also, great to know Life has the original tracklisting.
  3. aphasias

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Ordered Jose Gonzalez and Dead Kennedy's from Bullmoose this morning. My order has already been packaged.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the new stock! My wife was disappointed we didn't get a pre-order in. She should be pleased that I was able to pick it up!
  5. The new Beirut LP, Gallipoli, is set to be released on February 1st, 2019. There are 3 variants so far: Artist exclusive clear vinyl Label/indie exclusive green vinyl Standard black vinyl The title track is up on YouTube
  6. aphasias

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    A PDF was just posted by Amoeba via their mailing list
  7. aphasias

    KMFDM NIHIL Remaster

    This started shipping recently, so it's no longer a preorder. That said, this is one of my favorite KMFDM albums but I've got an original pressing. I hope they keep reissuing their music on vinyl, but if they do I hope they are distributed to retailers because $44 shipped is pretty steep. I'd love to see ANGST finally get a vinyl release.
  8. Didn't think it needed it's own thread, but Nick and Warren's score for The Proposition is getting a vinyl release on November 2nd (gold vinyl, gatefold sleeve via Mute/BMG) https://shop.nickcave.com/products/the-proposition-gold-vinyl-lp
  9. Looks like Nick Cave & Warren Ellis' score for The Proposition will be released November 2nd on gold vinyl. https://shop.nickcave.com/products/the-proposition-gold-vinyl-lp Hopefully we see an Assassination Of Jesse James pressing at some point...
  10. aphasias

    PO NOW: Blur - ‘Best Of’ reissue

    The cover art SRC posted is a piece of fan art promoting iamkampty sunglasses designs. There's no way it's being used for the LP. Amoeba is showing the standard artwork. Bullmoose clarifies that it is being pressed on 140g black vinyl and is not limited. I'm not into best of collections so I'm not sure why I'm in this thread.
  11. I couldn't stomach the markup on the flexi disc edition. I'm guessing I'll be able to order the yellow vinyl edition for <$20 from a retailer, meaning after shipping the flexi would have cost me over $30. No thanks.
  12. Looks like there are 2 different versions of this, only one of which is limited to 500 copies: A limited edition Pylon exclusive colored vinyl version which includes Basic Pain Procedure bringing the total to 11 LPs and the standard black vinyl version which only includes the Mute albums with their respective bonus discs. I haven't revisited Nitzer Ebb's music in a while. I really liked Belief and Showtime. I was also into Ebbhead for a while but it wore on me a bit quicker than the rest. That Total Age and Big Hit never clicked with me and I've never heard Basic Pain Procedure. I'm not sure I could commit to the full box set, especially not at $35 an album but may pick up Belief and Showtime if they get separate reissues. Here's the complete tracklist for the limited edition set: Basic Pain Procedure Red/Clear/White Splatter Vinyl LP (2012 Master) Side 1 1. Faded Smiles 2. Tradition 3. The Home 4. Star Side 2 1. The Passage 2. The Book 3. Crane 4. Trust Ran In Colours That Total Age Double Red Translucent Vinyl LP (2018 Remaster) Side 1 1.Fitness To Purpose 2.Warsaw Ghetto 3.Violent Playground 4.Murderous Side 2 1. Smear Body 2. Join In The Chant 3. Alarm 4. Let Your Body Learn Side 3 1. Let Beauty Loose 2. Into The Large Air 3. Murderous (Instrumental) - Bonus 4. Fitness to Purpose (Mix Two) - Bonus Side 4 1. Join In The Chant (Burn! 12” Mix) - Bonus 2. Let Your Body Learn (12” Mix) - Bonus 3. Join In The Chant (Metal Mix) - Bonus Belief Double Clear Vinyl LP (2018 Remaster) Side 1 1. Hearts and Minds 2. For Fun 3. Control I’m Here 4. Captivate 5. T.W.A Side 2 1. Blood Money 2. Shame 3. Drive 4. Without Belief Side 3 1. Control I’m Here (Command Control Confront Mix) – Bonus 2. Shame (Mix no 2 William Orbit) – Bonus 3. K.I.A. (PK Mix) – Bonus Side 4 1.Captivate (William Orbit Mix) – Bonus 2.Hearts & Minds (Mix Subsonic) – Bonus 3.Backlash (William Orbit Mix) – Bonus Showtime Double Opaque Orange Vinyl LP (2018 Remaster) Side 1 1. Getting Closer 2. Nobody Knows 3. One Mans Burden 4. All Over 5. My Heart Side 2 1. Lightning Man 2. Rope 3. Hold On 4. Fun To Be Had Side 3 1. Lightning Man (The Industry Vs. The Ebb Remix) – Bonus 2. Fun To Be Had (Long Mix George Clinton) – Bonus 3. Getting Closer (The Kitchen Mix) – Bonus Side 4 1. Fun To Be Had (Dust Brothers Master Mix) – Bonus 2. Lightning Man (RSW Mix) – Bonus 3. Getting Closer (The Trance Mix) – Bonus Ebbhead Double Vinyl Translucent Green & Red LP (2018 Remaster) Side 1 1. Reasons 2. Lakeside Drive 3. I Give To You 4. Sugar Sweet 5. DJVD Side 2 1. Time 2. Ascend 3. Godhead 4. Trigger Happy Side 3 1. Family Man (Jaz Coleman Mix) - Bonus 2. Come Alive (Alan Wilder Mix) - Bonus 3. Lovesick (Flood Mix) - Bonus 4. Higher (Barry Adamson Mix) - Bonus Side 4 1. Ascend (Vince Clarke Anonymous Mix) - Bonus 2. I Give To You (Pestilence Mix) - Bonus 3. Godhead (Remix) - Bonus Big Hit Double Translucent Yellow Vinyl LP (2018 Remaster) Side 1 1. Cherry Blossom 2. Hear Me Say 3. Kick It 4. I Thought Side 2 1. Flood Water 2. Border Talk 3. In Decline 4. Living Out Of A Bag Side 3 1.Boy 2.Our Own World 3.Friend (Brittle Mix) - Bonus 4.Beats Me - Bonus Side 4 1. Kick It (Adrian Sherwood Compulsion Edit) - Bonus 2. Kick It (Popular Music Mix) - Bonus 3. I Thought (Final Sin) - Bonus
  13. aphasias

    PO: Rancid/Murphys Law split 7"

    Was able to put in an order for the blue/black. Thanks for the heads up!
  14. As others have said, they do not send out shipping notifications. You can probably check your order status on their website to confirm whether it has shipped or not. I received my Wire box set yesterday, six days after placing my order which is pretty fantastic for a UK based site shipping to the US. I also received my copy of Mogwai's Ten Rapid today, which I ordered from Movie Mars via Amazon.com.
  15. This is what I decided on 15 years ago. I only buy picture discs when they are the only option available.