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  1. During a Q&A before the Afghan Whigs show last night, Dulli mentioned that the box set release is "imminent". He said they're all remastered and the covers are reimagined versions of the originals. He said the box set includes everything, including the stuff he didn't want us to previously hear. Due to the normal vinyl production issues, they had to prioritize getting the new Whigs LP pressed first. One Little Indian/Independent is handling it.
  2. https://www.iamtheantagonist.com/product/trever-keith-austin-lucas-split-7 Pre Order Only Ships Mid July 2022 Limited edition of 500 Swirled orange and yellow colored vinyl Featuring artwork by Ray Tatooedboy Side 1 Trever Keith “Cry Over” Side 2 Austin Lucas “I’d Rather not Say”
  3. https://fatwreck.com/collections/colored-vinyl/products/searching-for-a-former-clarity
  4. Someone posted this on Discogs, so maybe? I am not on Instagram so I can't see the relevant post referencing Siamese Dream, 2xLP, Album, RE, RM, RP, 180, 50999 67928 9 10 This is being pressed right now. Expect release soon. Follow Memphis Record Pressing Instagram.
  5. Tour hasn't technically started yet, although they did that small, last minute warm up show last week. If you are seeing them in Florida to open this leg, report back on the merch! Can't imagine it's anything but shirts with the LP not out until the fall. I am seeing them on the 24th, doing the VIP/meet and greet thing again.
  6. I'm not really the best person to ask at this point. I go back to the 90s as a hardcore fan of the band and obsessed over bootlegs in a pre-internet, pre-Youtube era. I was involved with the bootleg project from the start and provided several to their list. But I myself have not delved into the bootleg site for the most part. And it also depends on the era you're looking for. If you want the Gentlemen era, the soundboard(?) boots from Boston 94 and Italy 94 were always great quality. I love the Dulli 2008 Triple Door show that is on Spotify if you haven't checked that out. But Dulli never phones it in. I'd use the filters and search the site for the highest quality audio and then look for your favorite act/era/setlists from there. I recall there were people actively recording the shows with high end equipment and providing it to the site right after the shows, so there is some really killer stuff in there.
  7. If it's boots you're after... https://www.allbootsdulli.org/shows
  8. I've never heard any complaints about any of them, I think you are safe to go with any of them.
  9. $150 per Rhino Ramones – The Sire LPs (1981-1989) – 7-LP 140g black vinyl boxed set, includes one vinyl with neon splatter, Limited edition of 14,000 copies, $149.98
  10. Unfortunately the answer is clear. You are not a business and should not be reporting the 1099 income as such. So no receipts necessary. Screwed like the vast majority of people.
  11. But you aren't reporting it this year, right? Are you just pointing out what it would be like if it happened in 2022? I am still shocked that they reduced the dollar threshold from $20,000 to $600 and also did away with the threshold for the number of transactions. I definitely think there is a decent chance they amend that so it isn't so punitive, especially once more and more people realize how bad it is. Yours being a perfect example.
  12. I remember my local store doing a few. I think Pearl Jam's Vs. was one of them.
  13. Same here, I got Vol 1 by itself a week or so ago. No sign of Vol 2 yet. They run a pretty tight ship so I assumed it was intentional.
  14. Ok, last thing: https://howsyouredge.com/swap/display.php?page=1513 Although your specific test doesn't seem listed. Which is probably good, because it doesn't look like you'd be getting it back!
  15. Try messaging username "impact", it looks like he still visits the boards a bit. If it wasn't him, I bet he'll know some of the major Against Me collectors. I will do some digging as well for you. https://boards.vinylcollective.com/profile/65-impact/
  16. Walmart exclusive in stock again https://www.walmart.com/ip/Stone-Temple-Pilots-Core-Walmart-Exclusive-Vinyl/805662158
  17. It shows it's sold out after you click "Add to Cart"
  18. I've been a CPA for 20+ years for what it's worth and it's the only reason I am even chiming in as I don't post much. I don't really think there is even any real dispute amongst members here, just a lot of confusion, understandably. It boils down to two options. Slap the gross amount of your 1099 figure on page 1 and forget about related expenses...or roll the dice and call yourself a business and prepare a Schedule C even though there is about a zero chance it would hold up under audit. Again, this is letter of the law stuff. The odds anyone gets audited over it is even more unlikely than your hobby being approved as a business. I know of many people that file rather egregious Schedule C figures for their legit businesses year over year without consequence. I once had to do one for myself that was correct but looked absolutely insane and had no issue. It's just not their focus. But also not worth the risk for a variety of reasons.
  19. I see how that comes off as hyperbolic. What I meant was that nobody (so to speak) on the boards is going to get specifically audited over the way they report their miniscule 1099 income, be it Schedule C or not. Not reporting it at all is a different story. And yes, there are always random audits but again, taking into account the cross-section here, the risk is minute. Once they get their hooks into you is a different story and can go a variety of ways based on your agent.
  20. Yes, businesses can be any size but the vast majority of people here will not qualify as a business per IRS rules. Maybe you're an exception. You can't have a full blown record collection and then file a Schedule C for the ten records you sell per year. But the IRS is so screwed up right now that nobody is getting audited anyway. If you're going to file a Schedule C that ultimately shows income, you're probably at a low risk. They have no manpower for major businesses much less small fry shit. But coincidentally starting your Schedule C business the same year as new 1099 rules is obviously a red flag. Most of us just have to take our lumps.

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