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  1. Oops, it is this one, Absence of Truth on white https://www.discogs.com/release/2548840-Isis-In-The-Absence-Of-Truth
  2. I had no idea their records were worth much money. I have the two below. Bought them both brand new. Played once at the most so both are as near mint as can be. PM me if interested. https://www.discogs.com/release/1604041-Isis-Celestial https://www.discogs.com/release/1604041-Isis-Celestial
  3. You are right, there was an article where they explained they had to re-record some samples.
  4. I am a member of both. VMP member shipping is free but that probably isn't what you're asking. It said shipping was $9.95 if I wanted to not bundle it with my membership so that's probably the answer. I saw someone posted $67 ppd from Ten Club so it may end up being negligible. Going to guess $67ppd is as low as Ten Club gets but could be more depending on your zip. To be clear, member price is $55 at each place and $59 non-member. So if only a member of one club, that'll likely be the cheapest.
  5. https://shop.thebronxxx.com/collections/big-game-lodge/products/bronx-iv-10th-anniversary-vinyl Red vinyl /500 from band's site. Two bonus tracks on this repress as well.
  6. There's no doubt it is a highly unusual pressing. But considering Arista bought Bell, it isn't that hard to imagine they somehow ended up with all the parts and somehow accidentally made some of these frankenstein copies. The tougher thing to find out is how rare it is since I am going to assume not a whole hell of a lot of people are paying that much attention to it.
  7. Maybe you just have one of the earliest pressings of the reissue and they used old cover/label stock? There are many examples of this when it comes to 45s, anyway. Certain pressing plants would use up their old remaining stock of a label style before switching to the new label style. It's always quite strange when you see an example of it since 99.9% of copies are using the "correct" label.
  8. The depth is 13 inches (w/o doors) so presumably no issues there. You can see that some of the shelves are adjustable. The product page states that two of the shelves are fixed for stability (the two middles shelves per the instructions) so it's just a question of how many separate shelves you can make with proper separation for height. Probably safe to say you could four rows for sure.
  9. From Discogs, per the guy that made the listing: Purchased at Punk In The Park from the Fat Wreck tent. The sales person told me it was never pressed until now. I bought mine at the Punk in the park Festival. There were two other copies. I’m assuming that is where the others are from also. The guy running the booth told me i was the first person to buy one. I’m wondering if they will be available soon.
  10. https://store.matadorrecords.com/catalog/product/view/id/2371/s/turn-on-the-bright-lights/category/2/
  11. Well said, I feel like I wrote this although I always had the original European import. I was doing a very quick comparison of the two in general and the "Ah!" at the beginning sounded weird to me as well, specifically the last one. I can't believe you said the same thing. I chalked it up to probably never listening that close before but after you've heard a song a million times, it jumps out when something is off. I may have to go back and listen again. Total slogfest at the end, I still ended up skipping side 3.
  12. Did you really like the albums better when they were current? I think they hold up well considering it's just rock and roll and they were never all that highly regarded to begin with. I love(d) Sponge and played them both a million times but that was an era where I had fairly limited access to new albums so everything I could get my hands on got played to absolute death. But yeah, I think I always knew half of Wax Ecstatic was a chore to get through. I still can't wait to buy it.
  13. Sponge "Wax Ecstatic" is coming to vinyl for the first time! Pre-orders begin Monday at Noon ET. Pre-Orders start Monday, August 29th at Noon (eastern standard time) on our webstore. First released in 1996, the sophomore album from Sponge remains a fan favorite, featuring the singles "Wax Ecstatic (To Sell Angelina)" and “Have You Seen Mary”. At times more raw and gritty than its predecessor Rotting Piñata, Wax Ecstatic isn’t afraid to experiment, a common trait for Sponge throughout their career. The album peaked at number 60 on the Billboard 200 with significant radio airplay and videos in rotation on MTV. Over 25 years since it was first released, we’ve carefully restored and formatted the original artwork for the vinyl release. Estimated ship date of 9/22/22 (not too long of a wait😉) Pressing info: /300 Black vinyl /1000 Gold vinyl
  14. Agreed, I have all the 12" singles from when they were released and always found it a little unusual that they only used live tracks and other hit singles as the B sides. So I'm assuming these are single sided.
  15. The pic disc was $30 when they first went up, I wonder how quick they changed it to $40
  16. Apparently, a Wax Ecstatic pressing is in the works. https://www.spongetheband.com/ 06/29/22 First pressing Wax Ecstatic vinyl coming soon! We are excited to announce the very first pressing of our second full-length Wax Ecstatic this summer! Details to follow... Stay tuned!
  17. https://fatwreck.com/collections/nofx/products/the-longest-line
  18. I think it's safe to say it's the same version outside of the autographed insert. Even though the Whigs site talks about 'special packaging' and 'exclusive' clear vinyl, the price points are the same and I just can't imagine there is any other difference besides the insert.
  19. Barnes and Noble signed exclusive https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/how-do-you-burn-the-afghan-whigs/38015849
  20. If you are planning to sell it and want to maximize the sales price, there is no question. Leave it sealed.
  21. During a Q&A before the Afghan Whigs show last night, Dulli mentioned that the box set release is "imminent". He said they're all remastered and the covers are reimagined versions of the originals. He said the box set includes everything, including the stuff he didn't want us to previously hear. Due to the normal vinyl production issues, they had to prioritize getting the new Whigs LP pressed first. One Little Indian/Independent is handling it.

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