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  1. FOR SALE william bonney - good vibes second press /300 $50 william bonney - good vibes third press /100 $40 hop along - painted shut /300 haze $90 the hotelier - home /200 lavender first press $35 totally willing to negotiated the price and bundle also i have a black first press of free throw's first album that i really dont want and would be down to throw in with one of these records for like $10 kinda been out of the vinyl game for a while and just looking for some extra cash before a trip also i know im not a regular here if any of you wanna talk to me through instagram or something my @'s dust.funny
  2. hope this cool! not exactly looking for records but down to check out records for myself looking for small/medium my chem and weezer shirts for my girlfriend for christmas!
  3. i hella dig this and would be into a copy of the blue haze
  4. you'll both have to remind me next month the show is on the 30th althought im sure you could find out if he has copies on the tour before that its opening for the world is & iioi i just have an off date
  5. if you dont find one by the 30th of next month homeboy is playing my house and he might have copies still.
  6. never got my copy from hot green either its been about a year haha
  7. chris didnt make them and idk if its the gift thing /200 seems to be cutting it pretty close if they have them on tour
  8. Super great prices Are you removing stuff after its sold? curious whats left after everyone hit you up.
  9. Heard this bands EP on bandcamp a while back super catchy stuff, year or so later i see that they got signed to CYLS. Pretty excited about this FFO: mobo,front bottoms,T3B 1st pressing /150 black /350 coke bottle with purple splatter SINGLE STREAM: http://newnoisemagazine.com/exclusive-stream-the-cardboard-swords-she-said/ LP PRE-ORDER: http://countyourluckystars.limitedrun.com/products/560481-the-cardboard-swords-the-cardboard-swords-lp