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  1. Add Spacehog's The Chinese Album to that. I'd never even noticed that they've never been released on vinyl before. Both albums were pretty stellar, and sadly, didn't get the acclaim they deserved. Can't say as much about their following albums though.
  2. Posted this over on reddit, but figured that it fit here too... Google Express is offering 20% off orders if you use their app to complete your purchase, and enter the promo code APPSAVE20. This code is good until 1/20. Alternately, if you've never used Google Express, you can get a $10 store credit for using a referral. Here's my referral link, if anyone is interested. Depending on how much you spend this might be a better deal than the 20% off deal. Walmart and Fry's Electronics have a pretty vast selection of vinyl, and some are pretty cheap. Check my reddit link for a list of deals that I put together.
  3. Uh, Gorillaz Demon Days is back in stock. Here's my referral link if anyone wants to thank me $10 credit: http://fbuy.me/hs14Z EDIT: Ha, just went back a couple pages and noticed it's been back in stock for a couple weeks. Guess I shoulda looked there first
  4. What happened to Oldies.com? I remember a few years ago they had tons of stuff on sale for super cheap, and at one point I bought a dozen modern clearance records for like $60. As of the past year or two their clearance section has seemingly been a bunch of sealed 70's-80's backstock that no one is going to pay a dollar for. I've kept my eyes on the site since then, expecting a similarly awesome sale, and it's never come.
  5. This is probably the most bootleg bootleg cover I've ever seen.
  6. Ah, my bad, a lot of sellers have the regular version listed under the Super Deluxe Box Set version https://www.amazon.com/Houses-Holy-Super-Deluxe-Box/dp/B00M30WIJ6 (under 64 New from $21.70)
  7. I was going to get two, one to keep and one to flip (sells for $70 average on Discogs). but then I noticed there are literally a dozen sellers on Amazon who are selling it for even cheaper.
  8. Given that there will be 3,000 copies of the Porno For Pyros, what are the chances it'll sell out? Or is it the kind of thing we'll probably see for sale online cheaper in the weeks following RSD?
  9. Just a heads up... there are copies on eBay for $31.25 w/ free shipping. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Notorious-BIG-Ready-To-Die-2LP-VINYL-LP-NEW-/391575663825?hash=item5b2bba74d1:g:f8MAAOSwNRdX6rpm No idea if these are the newest reissues or what, but would be cheaper than UO w/ shipping factored in.
  10. Anyone know how limited the Porno For Pyros will be?
  11. Wait... was this when they had the pricing error and were being sold for, like, $4 each? EDIT: oops, it was actually amazon.de that were pratically giving them away, not UK. My order was cancelled after a few days.
  12. Just listed it on eBay with a starting bid of 9.99, so have at it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Arica-Heaven-1973-Just-Sunshine-Private-Press-JSS-11-Rare-Psych-Jodorowsky-/262588353396?hash=item3d237c4b74:g:W6wAAOSwdzVXsNey Final bump! I'll be listing a lot of these on eBay within a few hours.
  13. Bump. Quite a few of these are going on eBay tomorrow night, so get em before they're gone.
  14. I've been slowly thinning out my collection, and decided to go ahead and part ways with everything I haven't listened to in a long time. https://www.discogs.com/seller/thejesset/profile Shoot me a PM with your selections for 10% off! Shipping is $4.25 for 1-3 LP's, and $5 flat for 4 or more.
  15. Shoot me a message if you're interested in anything! https://www.discogs.com/seller/thejesset/profile?sort=listed%2Cdesc&limit=250&page=1
  16. This has the same tracklisting/order as the original pressings, right? (albeit with track A6 being pushed to track B1)
  17. Seconded. It needs to be rereleased in full. Otherwise I'm going to grab a first pressing (which has already been on my want list for quite some time anyway).
  18. The one I've seen on a few sites says Universal Records from Hong Kong. I really just wish Beck would announce deets already, as the pre-orders are up everywhere now.
  19. Eh, meant 45rpm. Morning coffee obviously hadn't kicked in yet. Now the guy is saying that the only one he knows of is a US release. These imports that are going up for preorder seem to be coming from Hong Kong, so we're back at square one as to what the incentive to buy it is. I'm definitely waiting until we get some more details.
  20. Dude on Reddit who has inside info is saying this is going to be pretty limited, and assumes it'll sell out quickly. Seeing as how it's not a half speed master (not 2 discs) and doesn't contain any bonus material, can anyone guess why it might be priced at $40?
  21. Calling musicinveins11 an "artist" is accurate... You guys have been talking about him for 6 years. That's longer than most of the bands you folks love have existed. He's consistent, renowned for his work, and usually succeeds when he sets a goal. What really blows my mind is that none of you have tracked him down in person and kicked his ass/had him arrested. But by all means, if you do, videotape it and post it here.
  22. Well maybe we should help him keep bumping it? Let's see what he has for sale... Funk Como Le Gusta - I know, I know... You could get a NM/VG+ copy for $85, but then you'd be missing out on a dusty, overgraded VG+/G+ copy for $145.77 from Jayla! Frankie Knuckles - The Whistle Song - Jayla's got a great deal on this one... A VG+ copy with no cover for only $142.50! I'm debating on whether to buy this, or someone else's sealed copy for $24.99. Photogenix - You could get a NM/VG+ copy for $7, but it ships from Canada, which would put it closer to $20 with shipping. Why bother with that pesky shipping charge when you can order a VG/G copy from Jayla for $100! Note: The shipping time from Jayla may take a little longer. Grandmaster Kaz - MC Delight - Sure, that NM copy for $60 might look really tempting, but Jayla is such a cool guy that I think I'd rather pay $140 for his VG+ copy. And it's only $5 for unlimited shipping! Get these dealz before they're gone guyz!

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