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  1. The same sports card industry that went bust because they were selling "limited" cards that were secretly being produced in unlimited quantities? If I didn't know any better, I'd say that sounds a LOT like this situation. While I don't think this is a sign of the vinyl industry bubble bursting, I do think it's absurd to pay that much for a record - especially for someone like The Weeknd, whose middle-of-the-road pop music won't be remembered as anything but middle-of-the-road pop music in 20 years.
  2. I was one of the naysayers. I listened to the full album last night, and I must admit it's a legitimate return-to-form for the Lips. Very solid work, albeit a bit depressing. Glad to see they're focusing on songwriting again, as opposed to the directionless experimentation of the past decade.
  3. Vinceron said a couple days ago that he's sitting on 10,000 pieces of merchandise right now, and out of the 1,200+ ebay vinyl listings he has up, several of them show hundreds of sold copies each. That's a major operation. You really think he's using bots and address hacks to obtain a literal warehouse full of goods? In the past, he's admitted to having a deal with Urban Outfitters - where a substantial amount of his limited releases come from - and he leaked details of an exclusive UO release before it was announced to the public. That, coupled with the numbers, strikes me as a distribution deal. The issue isn't that he's flipping - we all do so from time to time - it's that VMP is selling out of products quickly, while Vinceron seems to already have the products in-hand & overpriced. It just doesn't add up.
  4. OMG. This is fucking hilarious. I'm kind of sad that I missed all the drama. Signed, King Cannonfunk
  5. I got you all beat A couple years ago I was browsing OfferUp, when I came across a seller who was asking absolutely insane prices for her vintage 7” singles (ie - she wanted $50 for common 45’s that aren’t even worth $1). I assumed it would be a waste of time looking through her ads, but as I’ve come to learn over the past 15 years, if someone has no idea what they’re selling, they may actually underprice an item out of sheer ignorance. A few minutes into browsing her sales, I ran across an odd looking Lynyrd Skynyrd 7”, which had the band name misspelled as “Lynard Skynard.” She was asking $40 for it. Out of curiosity, I decided to look it up on Discogs. It had sold once in 2015 for $12, but only 7 people had it... and 210 people wanted it. That’s when my spidey senses started tingling! After doing some research, it turns out that “Lynard Skynard” was the original band name... when the group was still in high school! The 7” in question was their first recorded demo. Only a few hundred were made, and they were passed out to friends and family, and sold at their earliest hometown shows. I decided to buy it immediately, sight unseen. Trying to contain my excitement without tipping off the seller of its value, I pleaded with her to make sure that it was well protected during shipping, and sent in a sturdy box. She agreed, and the wait began. About 2 weeks later, I was at work when I received a notification that it had been delivered. The moment the boss yelled “Lunch Break,” I jumped into my car and sped home. Opening the mailbox, my heart absolutely sunk: She sent it in a padded envelope, with no stiffeners. “No fucking way this thing survived,” I thought, as I pulled it out. However, it still felt solid. I opened it up, and... the vinyl was in nearly perfect condition. No scratches, glossy sheen, and almost new in appearance. Within a week, I sold it for $1,500. And yes, that’s the actual sold listing. Not a bad $40 investment, huh?
  6. It was ~$286 on Amazon during the B2G1 sale a couple weeks ago. The reason it's $600 now is because Amazon ran out, and that's a 3rd party seller price. I really regret not buying 3 during the sale & reselling 2 of them.
  7. I thought it was about acceptance of alternative cultures.
  8. I didn't say Embryonic was bad. I said it was the tipping point. Here's their new one from this album... Dude, this is objectively bad. The band sounds like they aren't even trying, and Wayne's auto-tuned, half-baked musings about religion and love are uninspired and Lennon-lite. Personal feelings about Wayne aside, it doesn't even hold a candle to some of their best work, and Drozd shares responsibility as the main composer of the music. The Lips provided me with some great musical insight and amazing times at their shows, and I wish them the best... but I just can't do it anymore.
  9. Been a huge Lips fan since '93. Embryonic was the moment they collapsed as a band, and chose to become a caricature of themselves. Wayne cheated on his partner of 20+ years with a 19 year old groupie, got her pregnant, started doing drugs again (at 50 years old), fired the drummer, and gave up on the songwriting that made them famous. We'd have a shit ton of amazing Lips songs right now had he not gone through a debilitating and ultra-cringey midlife crisis. "Look at how weird we are" works when you have the tunes to back it up. When you don't... it's just... embarrassing.
  10. Here's how I flatten my records. It works every time, and as far as I can tell, doesn't damage the record. Note: It'll only work if you have hardwood/tile/laminate floors... - Put the vinyl into a generic or trashed sleeve. This will prevent the sleeve of the album you're trying to save from getting damaged. - Lift up the corner of your record shelf (assuming it sits flat on the ground) - Place the album underneath it, and set the shelf back down. - Forget about it for a month or two. Every record I've done this with comes out completely flat, and by the time you've forgotten about it, it'll be a nice surprise when you go to put another one under there The solution is either money or time, and I'm a cheap, patient bastard.
  11. Holy moly 😲 I know I've been shitting on Danzig in this thread, but I've always respected his music to some degree. This... this is fucking horrible. I'm honestly impressed by just how bad it is.
  12. I'm no giant, but he's 5'3" with boots on. My 13 year old nephew is taller than Danzig... And a lot cooler.

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