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  1. Seeing Old Man Gloom/Coliseum on Saturday and Sumac/Thrones a couple weeks after this. I might go see Retox too.
  2. Batman still isn't out for another year? I am so sick of things being announced so long before they are even made.
  3. Wasn't the whale initially out of /30 or something?
  4. Baptists, Dead in the Dirt and Today is the Day are all worrh grabbing.
  5. I'm glad they will have copies on tour. Still bummed I missed this but there is no way I am missing that Portland show and will grab a copy then. I was just hoping to be more familiar with the album but there's always MP3s so whatever.
  6. Not sure what the big deal is. Should the kid be pat on the back for releasing pizza music? I'm sure there are plenty other young kids with "labels" (especially in the days of blogs) but there is no way I trust my music to be curated by a kid who probably still says swag.
  7. Ahhhh, my phone didn't register my purchase and I missed the black too. Just noticed after not recieiving a confirmation. I am so pissed right now....
  8. Amazon.co.uk have sent me nothing but completely destroyed records lately. I'm never too sure about returning also. Too much hastle it seems.
  9. Dang, Wednesday is my longest day at work and I'm sure I will miss this. Hopefully my boss will be okay with me checking my phone every once in a while, lol. I might have to ask one of you good fellows to shoot me a text when they are up.
  10. Age has nothing to do with it. He's just a mouthbreather. Edit: listening to Jesus Lizard and kind of just wanted to use the term Mouthbreather.
  11. Hood - The Cycle of Days and Seasons Hood - Rustic Houses Forlorn Valleys Narrows - Painted (blue) Narrows/Retox - Split 7"
  12. I got so stoked when I saw the thread bumped. But I'm glad somebody else bumped it because I am getting antsy and think about this record/thread daily.
  13. I saw this at while working and wish I hadn't. Had to hold back tears and probably looked like a weirdo. I'm glad he made it and hoping he can find some peace. As far as I am concerned, Pajo and the other fellas in Slint are god damn national treasures.
  14. I bought mine for $15 before I knew how bad it was and was still pissed, even though the aftermarket price was much much higher.