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  1. Great record and band. They put on a killer live show. Are we at the point now that records that are a year old are getting expensive deluxe box sets?
  2. According to the Wilco site, this is just the initial pressing of Warmer.
  3. They reissued Souls For Sale, but on CD only.
  4. Electric Fetus has an exclusive clear vinyl LP that comes with access to a solo instore. https://electricfetus.com/UPC/673855065038/Bob-Mould_Sunshine-Rock-Electric-Fetus-Exclusive-LP
  5. Merge is the label for this, so you can get it from their site now. https://www.mergerecords.com/volume-one-repress
  6. Not a surprise. The new LP is why he didn't participate in the latest New Pornographers album.
  7. I think management asked them to pull it because they already had one announcement about the release of the cover of You Need Love last week and wanted to give that sone time to get traction before announcing the reissues. I'm
  8. It's weird that there's been no official announcement from the Whigsnor Sub Pop.
  9. I scored the following: Jay Reatard - Blood Visions (mistakenly entered as 10 cents, so I got for 6 cents) Pavement - Wowee Zowee The Zombies - Oddysey & Oracle Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds In Country Music Ryan Adams - 1989 Bleached - Welcome The Worms Beach Slang - The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us
  10. There's a message on their Twitter marked March 1st saying they down down for updates. Does anybody know the scoop?
  11. The Matador reissue is for everywhere except the US and Australia.
  12. They put the list up two days early. http://www.recordstoreday.com/NewsItem/6505
  13. The band has had the rights to the SST stuff for a while, they just couldn't agree on what to do with it.
  14. From their FB page: so, there’s been this depressing christmas song i’d been singing to myself for the past 8 years, and every year i wouldn’t remember that i wanted to make it until december, which is just too late to actually record and release a christmas song... but this year, al doyle had a short break between hot chip tours where he could be in nyc, and pat and nancy were home, and tyler agreed to fly out from berlin for a few days, so we all recorded this together, reserved a pressing plant slot, and our friend bob weston was available to master it quickly—so that means, less than 2 weeks after we recorded it, there is actually a christmas 7", which feels like something that could only have happened a very, very long time ago. anyway, for the holidays we give you the previous, very long run-on sentence, and this song: “christmas will break your heart”, which is another one of those songs which had about 75 lines of lyrics, though we’ve knocked down to 8 to keep the suicide rate in check. have fun!