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  1. Same, my expectations are high especially since they delayed it. Glad I was able to get one before it sold out because like everything else it's going to be worth a lot more
  2. Wish I went with that bowser variant. Damn, still got yoshi so I'm not mad.
  3. To think 3/4 month Pre-orders were bad, can't wait to see what it will be as a result of this event. At least my bank account will be happier
  4. Yeah ever since Travis got a different job there hasn't been much activity in the vinyl department for HT
  5. Will wait to buy this from bullmoose if they get it. Kinda upset blood in blood out didn't get a release.... Unless somehow I missed it
  6. Damn, yeah it sold out pretty quick. They didn't put up any pressing numbers and there were no limit on what people can order. I myself only bought one because it's an international order. Didn't want to drop $100 on two records. Unfortunately, I'm sure you can find some on ebay once they ship next month/March.
  7. Super Mario 64 from Red Alert record Bowser and Yoshi variant sold out already Only Mario left
  8. I've always liked Poppy's videos, I never liked her music until she released X. The whole I Disagree album is amazing though. Not a single bad song on it. Glad I was able to track down a copy locally. I was spinning it yesterday and my girlfriend was surprised that it was Poppy because she never heard her music before. We're about to buy tickets to see her in Massachusetts in two weeks. I wonder if her style changed up since she's been hanging out with Ghostemane (unsure if they're dating)
  9. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina coming soon. Sorry if this was mentioned before, news to me
  10. Deluxe vinyl reissue and tour coming soon. POLARIS TO EMBARK ON “21ST CENTURY TOUR” IN SPRING AND SUMMER 2020 MUSIC FROM THE ADVENTURES OF PETE & PETE TO RECEIVE DELUXE REISSUE TREATMENT ON VINYL “The Band That Lives Inside Your TV” are back! Polaris, the house band from cult-classic Nickelodeon show The Adventures of Pete & Pete, are escaping from your childhood television set and busting out on a national tour for only the second time ever. Polaris are Mark Mulcahy (Muggy), David McCaffrey (Jersey), and Scott Boutier (Harris). The three were longtime bandmates in underground favorite Miracle Legion, who’ve also reunited in recent years. Post-Polaris, Mulcahy went on to start an eclectic solo career, becoming one of the most celebrated and revered songwriters making records today. McCaffrey and Boutier played bass and drums together in several acts including Frank Black and the Catholics. The “21st Century Tour” will find Muggy, Jersey and Harris venturing out to 14 US cities between May and August. They’ll bring a mix of Polaris and Miracle Legion songs, plus some surprises to the sets. These shows will be the first since the band’s highly successful “Waiting for October Tour” in 2014-15, a jaunt across the country that found a generation of now grown-up Nickelodeon fans singing along to every word. The joyful reunion tour culminated in the beautifully recorded and packaged Live at Lincoln Hall double album. In addition to touring, Polaris’ hit vinyl record, Music from the Adventures of Pete & Pete, will be receiving a special reissue to mark the occasion. The release will be a deluxe vinyl package, including a CD of original demos dating between 1992-95, liner notes from Pete & Pete co-creator Will McRobb, and a complete album lyric sheet. It’s the ultimate edition of a record that Consequence of Sound called “a collection of songs that perfectly capture the confusion, whimsy, and wonder of adolescence.” The “21st Century Tour” begins on May 14th in Pawtucket, RI, at The Met and wraps up on August 8th in Maquoketa, IA, at Codfish Hollow. See below for the full itinerary, and keep an eye out for additional dates and news from Mezzotint.com as more information becomes available. 2020 Polaris Tour Dates May 14 - The Met - Pawtucket, RI May 15 - Gateway City Arts - Holyoke, MA May 16 - Space Ballroom - Hamden, CT May 29 - The Foundry - Philadelphia, PA May 30 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY June 4 - The Sinclair - Boston, MA July 7 - The Crocodile Seattle, WA July 8 - Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR July 10 - The Chapel - San Fran, CA July 11 - The Hi Hat - Los Angeles, CA July 12 - Soda Bar - San Diego, CA Aug 6 - 7th St Entry - Minneapolis, MN Aug 7 - Lincoln Hall - Chicago, IL Aug 8 - Codfish Hollow - Maquoketa, IA
  11. I already have this on order from bullmoose when it was supposed to be released in November. They never cancelled it and the listing says no internet sales now so it appears to be a RSD release. I'm just waiting on forgotten freshness 1&2 to be released
  12. I'm currently waiting on Acid Rap by Chance via FedEx, was supposed to be here today but it hasn't updated since it was in NY on Friday the 3rd (I'm in MA) . This is probably the first time I've ever had a record go thru FedEx, hope it gets here this month.
  13. After listening twice, the record sounds fantastic so I don't mind it was bare bones. Side note... Sic records just announced they're going to be releasing Deadly Verses by Gangsta Pat on vinyl and cassette. Cannot fucking wait for this. Definitely shaping up to be one of my favorite labels.
  14. Looks great. My tracking only says shipping info sent to FedEx. Also, is Juice on it or nah?
  15. This arrived today. The package kinda got fucked up so the top of the jacket got fucked up too. Gotta do a few things before I can spin it but I'm glad to have this finally. Very bare bones though, just the jacket, plain white sleeve and record.
  16. I thought the last email we got about this said they were definitely shipping at the end of fall? I think I deleted it so I can't look back
  17. This album grew on me and I didn't buy it. Fml
  18. Oooh, gotta get this. Thanks! Not looking forward to the wait though.
  19. I'd keep an eye on bullmoose because most of their stores says on order. They have some at one location but I think you can only have them shipped between store locations at this time.
  20. Well to be fair these two scores weren't composed by Harry Manfredini so they are very different than what he did for the first six films. The first six all have similar elements but are still different for the most part. I can't argue though, it would be tough to pinpoint which composition came from what movie. I have 1, 3 and 5 and will most likely buy part 8 if I can get it at a good price. Part 3 (movie and music) is my favorite out of em all.
  21. Go to a grocery store and ask for their egg boxes. They fit perfectly in there.
  22. I just want a single of darkest side of the night from part 8... This might be tempting though
  23. Acquired a copy of PJ Unplugged from bullmoose finally. I guess I'm glad I didn't wake up early on black Friday because I ended up getting everything I wanted, most things on ebay for less than retail too.