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  1. 1 - Uhh... what? Bigcartel actually insists that they're still in stock. 2 - Good thing, indeed. / C--l st-r-, br-. 3 - I can? Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Really bizarre. As soon as I saw this thread, this afternoon, I tried to purchase one. And I received a message similar to "We're sorry: you can't add this item to the cart, because someone is in the process of purchasing the last one." Was going to settle for just a shirt, instead, but decided that I could save on shipping if that LP was somehow magically made available later on. Seven hours later: able to purchase. Huh. I don't know if my order is good... hoping I got it in before they ran out. Either way, I wouldn't have tried a second time if it weren't for your post. So... cheers.
  3. I personally didn't see the original post, so... nice find, Davidsaidno. Unfortunately, it looks like I may have been a bit late in purchasing it. Damn. A pretty awesome buy at $15, in my opinion. Oh well.
  4. This is absolutely lol-worthy. Assuming you're being serious. Haven't been on the forums for too long, but I quickly learned that the dude with the sloth avatar loves to add in snide remarks and harp on Brand New. The hypocrisy here is just too much.
  5. Thumbs up to this. Being able to tell them apart at a glance is a plus, but too much variation would be a bummer. Sounds like you've established a solid middle ground.
  6. From my experience, "gold" usually ends up being a dirty yellow, on solids, and a yellow-orange on transparent records. I don't have too many gripes with those... I think a genuine faux-gold finish (complete with shine and sparkle) would look a little tacky. Just my opinion.
  7. As stated, Merchdirect is lagging like crazy. Not just Brand New's online shop, but all of MD's stores for various bands. Not to talk down on AFS' servers or anything, but if all these people are bogging down a massive online store -- and within a half hour's notice -- can you even imagine what the AFS webstore will be like when their pre-orders go live? When people have had theoretical weeks to bookmark the page, schedule some internet time, etc.? It's going to be a genuine shit-storm. I hope I'm wrong, but... wow.
  8. Did a little backtracking and picked up some records that I've been meaning to snag for ages now. Nothing rare, just overdue additions my small & slowly growing collection. The Appleseed Cast ~ Peregrine Bon Iver ~ For Emma, Forever Ago Every Time I Die ~ Gutter Phenomena Explosions In The Sky ~ Those Who Tell The Truth [...] Explosions In The Sky ~ All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone United Nations ~ United Nations Looking forward to random packages through the next week or two. Always fun.
  9. Agreed. I'm pretty sure 90% or so of BN's scene fanbase (AP.net) will have sprung for multiple copies of the Triple Crown release. No doubt that a few die-hard fans with fat wallets or daddy's debit card will grab a lot of AFS' variants, but I strongly suspect that it'll mostly be a race against flippers.
  10. I don't think there's been any pressing info released for anything other than the AFS release. I haven't heard any updates about it, either. I'm hoping that it's just a matter of AFS waiting for Triple Crown get off their nuts. [i.e., fully milk their fans & sell out the majority of their pressings through Merch Direct / Interpunk / etc.] If that's the case, I imagine we'll be getting new pre-order and release dates whenever the band's version of the record ships out... in a little more than three weeks.
  11. 500 translucent blue. 500 translucent green. That's what I've heard, at least.
  12. I caught a bit of news about this, earlier... namely that glorious photo, right there. I'm stoked! Mind if I ask where you got the March release date from, though? Just a guess? Logically, it would only make sense... but I didn't know if I perhaps missed a certain date posted somewhere.
  13. I thought I read that there were a few people who received that same "Unfortunately..." message, but successfully got their order, anyway?
  14. I ordered six, and planned on flipping five for no less than $60. I can probably part with one for $50, though. Since I'm a nice guy. My one and only copy arrived today, too. It's easy to see why so many were warped -- Hip-o used perhaps the goofiest-ass packaging I've ever seen. This was the first record I've ever purchased where I could see the cover / contents through the mailer. (Notably through the tape, on a few spots.) I was expecting a completely mangled jacket upon opening it, but it's actually in pristine condition. Not even a smidgen of ring wear... whoo. I'm content. Glad to hear everyone[?] else got their copies, too.
  15. Thanks for the clarification. (No sarcasm intended). I was vaguely familiar with the disappearing statements and such, but not to the detail you described. I've got a quick question though: my purchase for this record - of $23.77 - has been listed on my bank's account activity for the past... week or so. And now that I've officially gotten my shipping confirmation, it has disappeared. Entirely. Is there an explanation for that, or should I take it as an omen of terrible things to come?
  16. How cheap is cheap? Congrats on your win. I'm a pretty huge fan of Silent Alarm... but not so much a fan of shelling out $80-$100 for it. I've considered going for the more reasonably priced Remixes, though. As far as the topic goes: yeah... when I read that the statements were disappearing from folk's online accounts, I raced over to mine and check. It hasn't disappeared yet. I'm grateful, sure, but it doesn't explain why people way before me still haven't gotten a confirmation? I don't know. I hope Hip-o delivers and everyone snags a copy successfully.
  17. I placed my order on the 17th, and did not get the "out of stock" e-mail. I did, however, receive my shipping confirmation tonight. Fingers are officially crossed.
  18. I don't think this has anything to do with eDicks, to be honest. Any Thursday fan who's interested in vinyl more than likely has Waiting, already. Or has had Waiting, more than likely. I don't know what kind of prices you're hoping to get for it, but I can say with confidence that it'll be a few months -- or even a few years -- if you're hoping to make a respectable profit.
  19. Whoops. Latenight post. Meant $1.28... my bad.
  20. I'll go $128, but not a dime higher.
  21. Good man! I wish I could find a use for the me[h]ssenger bag that didn't make me look like a raging homosexual. But I suppose that's just a pipe dream. Oh well.
  22. I have no use for the messenger bag, though I'm sure some Circa fan on eBay would gladly take it off my hands for cheap. Now I'm just debating on whether the extra $15 is worth the autographs on the lithograph. Damn tempting.
  23. Another one of Dubmaverik's "long sold out" copies just surfaced. Now's your chance, Daniel ~ go for it.