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  1. If 1 person wants to coordinate payment with me in the next hour, I’ve got 1 slot open. VC regulars only.
  2. Just when I think that ETR’s releases couldn’t possibly cater any more to hobby tourists, they up the bar and continue to do so. The theory seems plausible to me. And if so, hats off to them – I’d probably ponder how close to the sun I could fly, too, if I got bored with pressing liquid filled records, Nicktoons comps, and Clifford the Big Red Dog OSTs.
  3. There’s going to be a second announcement for when US copies are available for sale. They’re working on distribution because they know it shouldn’t be $120.
  4. Which fits into the range of “last 10+ years”, since 9 is < 10. What are you getting at?
  5. If you actually try to check out for the fun of it, you’ll see that it becomes $127 PPD.
  6. I think the only thing more surprising than a new Mars Volta album in 2022 is the fact that anyone thought it would be remotely good. But I also say this as someone who thought their discography really nosedived as it went on. Had zero expectations when I heard they were releasing new music, and so far it sounds like indifference was probably the right move.
  7. Twatay keeping me in check with that reaction, my bad. Got my prog threads mixed up. I have little to contribute to this discussion other than admitting that I very much strive to not order from Amazon when I can help it, but did so for this 5LP set. (And was pleased to see it arrive with adequate package and care.)
  8. Can never go wrong with SOTL and (especially) early AWVFTS. It’d be cool to get Adam’s Travels In Constants EP pressed, too. I always assumed Kranky wouldn’t bother after all this time but seeing stuff like Dead Texan finally happening is really instilling hope.
  9. Yeah, I did a double take when I saw that in my inbox this morning. Was pleased to see Kranky keeping it real with their pricing too, as always.
  10. New Loma would be so rad. I feel like it’s been numerous years in a row now where I get excited to see them announce a new release, but it’s been 1 single or a 7” with < 8 minutes of new music. Another proper LP is the dream. At least that new BIR is shaping up to be incredibly promising, like you had mentioned. Shame you didn’t dig Cave In or Duster all that much. I liked the latest Duster album a lot more than their 2019 S/T.
  11. Conversely, I’m very disappointed in anyone who would buy it to begin with.
  12. There is something truly amiss with the journey to get this thing pressed. I know delays are inevitable at the plant - and have been for some time - but this is wild. Is every single test press failing to meet QC standards? Are they having to swap plants mid-production? Kind of insane. I haven’t seen any updates posted anywhere but I also haven’t looked too extensively just yet.
  13. I know it’s still Yoko / Seatbelts who scored the show, but even if that price was reasonable I don’t think I’d ever want to physically own something that reminds me that it exists.
  14. Man, I really hope you’re both right. I’ve enjoyed this band’s output but it’s always been in bite-size morsels, and a ~decade of waiting for another 15 minute EP would be such a buzzkill.
  15. Kinda’ wish we had more than 2 songs after 9 years. Never let down by T/T/T but….
  16. I'm pretty confident that's just the mockup discrepancies. TJ is calling their listing "translucent orange" – which is back in stock, by the way – and even posted this unboxing video where you can see there's a lot more going on than just 1 shade of orange. But the name of the variant is causing sites like bandcamp and Rough Trade to toss up a pretty tame mockup image. Plus there's this, straight from the horse's mouth.
  17. Up at Bull Moose and Bandcamp for anyone who couldn’t check out yesterday. No idea what’s going on with that Bull Moose thumbnail but I really enjoy it.
  18. Yeah, I should’ve specified “repress” and not restock or back in stock. Bandcamp quantities are already dwindling but I know Dais has an allotment too – they tend to be a couple of bucks more expensive for me, and I enjoy the convenience of bandcamp downloads, but I’d hop on either link sooner than later for anyone who wants a specific variant.
  19. Back in stock if you hadn’t heard. https://spiceispain.bandcamp.com/album/spice
  20. Gotta’ be the same version. Notice that the 1 for sale is from Germany. These have probably existed for a short bit now, and will require some weeks to reach the US, if they’re not already en route. Variants are identical and the version you linked even has the same bonus track mentioned on the TJ page.
  21. New single sounds like they’re trying to tap into the success of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories about 9 years too late.
  22. Good Nature is a great vibe album and I’ll die on that hill. I could never fully get into Altogether though. I don’t think it’s as heinous as a lot of people make it out to be, but it was definitely the tipping point that made me realize I can’t confidently PO anything this band puts out anymore.
  23. I have no doubt CD sales have risen on account of vinyl MSRP bloating, in addition to the wait times for anything that's not big-label pop. I don't know if their popularity or desirability will match vinyl, though, unless they find a way to start marketing variants or exclusives, or some other aspect that can be easily flipped. I feel like I've seen CDs with alternate artwork, or done in limited numbers (and signed), and the interest just isn't quite the same as similar perks for vinyl records.
  24. Yeah, I’ve had an orange Antenna on my wantlist for quite a while. If it’s not getting reissued with the rest of Cave In’s discography, I’d gladly get in on that too.
  25. For real. Makes me wonder if Geoff is just woefully miscalculating how much people care about goofy formats and boxsets.