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  1. It sucks. I caved and grabbed the 4 bundle, but I'll probably try to sell the /700 and /500 to take less of a hit. Still, I feel like I just supported their shitty tactics.
  2. Damn, maybe they found a small stock and put them up? I tried to order one, but it won't ship to US and they aren't up on our store.
  3. I'd keep checking Benchmark and Merchnow. They were the only sites selling them and orders might get cancelled, putting them back in stock briefly. Other than that, they said there's some available at their merch table on tour. There could be a very slim chance they don't sell them all by the end of the tour and put the rest online.
  4. Only took an hour for them to sell out of Louder Now. Gotta say refreshing their site every 10 minutes this morning paid off. I'm so hyped
  5. http://www.shopbenchmark.com/takingbacksunday/catalog/category/view/s/new-products/id/1242/ They're up. 800 Louder Now on gold and 500 self titled on green. Good luck
  6. Woke up at 6 to drive an hour and a half, 80 miles, to my favorite record store. Would've gotten up earlier, but I worked until midnight last night and was already exhausted. Got there at 745ish which was later than I wanted and there was a pretty decent line. Finally got in at 10. The store had everything behind the counter, so employees had to grab them. I gave one my list, which they recommend. Just Thrice, Coheed, and not as important but Balance & Composure and Pearl Jam. Right before I went in I saw a Thrice label on the floor through the window, so I assumed that was a no go. But there was one copy of Coheed on the shelf so I was sorta content with that. The dude with my list kept pacing behind the counter like he had no idea where any of them were. Finally he reaches for Coheed only for another employee to grab it at the same time. The employee helping me lets go and starts saying there might be more somewhere else and I watch completely baffled as the other employee hands the final copy to the guy directly behind me. After another minute of awkwardly searching, he handed me a copy of Pearl Jam, saying that's all he has left, and went off to help someone else. Since I drove all the way out there I tried to enjoy myself and look through their other records, but I was too dumbfounded to actually concentration. The checkout was going to take another half hour and I could tell the Pearl Jam single would end up in the bargain bin, so I just walked out empty handed. What a waste of six hours and half a tank. All I got was a Snapchat of me flipping off a Dunkin Donuts cup with a Rangers logo. Now I gotta go directly to work for the next 6 hours and I'm sure by the time I'm out it won't even be worth checking other stores.
  7. I grabbed four 7's for a pretty penny and sent the PayPal almost 20 days ago. Haven't heard anything from him since and he hasn't even read my PM with my shipping info. Not sure what's going on with him.
  8. Grabbed the Breakdown one. Looking at them all now it kinda sucks the /500 one is the most bland. The Anything one looks pretty cool. Also I noticed they had a new pressing of Destination Beautiful up for preorder. Snagged a copy of their clear with blue/white smoke. Looks nice with the cover
  9. Never saw the Alchemy Index for so cheap, Jesus Christ OP, can't believe I missed that
  10. Your FoB and Circa collection is crazy. Wish I had some money to throw at that.

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