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  1. Classic (BLACK) in the listing but clear in the description... Roll a dice with that one.
  2. I have all the variants and singles from their first album... and probably want to unload them all outside the clear variant. Some decent tunes but the demand for their limited shit is nuts for the actual quality of the music. They are playing right into the collectors hands and doing well at it. (Don't get me wrong, I like em! but your kinda feeling yourself a bit when you release 233 hand numbered copies of various album covers knowing full well they will be sold out within 6 hours of release)
  3. Canuckle

    PO NOW: Why? - Alopecia (Reissue - Multiple Variants)

    Amazing album, but like others I will stick with my OG until I hear good news about this pressing. The OG pressing has its warts but I've learned my lesson by jumping on reissues (especially multi-colour ones) that don't deliver on the 'upgrade'.
  4. Canuckle

    PO Now: Liars - 1/1 OST

    Really interested in this given it's during their 'Mess' days. Would love to hear more first though.
  5. I believe it is a Spotify fan pressing... meaning NIN will not be sending out an e-mail. As others have mentioned, this may just be an exclusive press that someone got the rights to and NIN didn't really have much to do with it.
  6. Mine was top notch quality, but the 7 inch sounded mehhhh. Some of the best quality pressings in SWAPS from my ears are Panda Bear and Nils Frahm if you are into any of those. Both are unique to VMP (45RPM remaster for Panda; alternative album cover for Nils). I'll also prop up The Books and Main Source if you want to try something a bit different in regards to experimental or 90's rap.
  7. Off to ETS to see the salt that will be spewed by the NIN collectors... As others have mentioned, NIN's fanbase is filled to the brim with completionists due to the 'halo' model. This non-advertised, after the black came out, listing will drive some of em bonkers. Glad I got in... but at $42 CAD... it stings.
  8. I will say once NIN fans pick up on this, they will buy it and it will be gone. It runs about 2x the cost of the black version, but if you are going to kick yourself in the future about missing it, I'd go for it.
  9. New song is tits! Also just spent way too much on a 6 song EP/LP white version but screw it. My favorite band.
  10. As @YouTwo mentioned, you can sign up and swap for Clipse OR you can also sign up and probably buy it from the store in time. All Essential titles go up in the store eventually, so just keep an eye out here https://app.vinylmeplease.com/products/essentials I love the TVOTR pick. It is truly an essential album from the 2000s, in my opinion. Feels like they focused on one of the bands best efforts versus the Beach House pick. And frankly, given the resurgence of reissues / represses in general, VMP is going to have a very hard time finding OOP but really sought after records going forward. Most of the ones people clamour for (e.g., SFTD) have probably been explored ad nauseam. So if they are going to repress readily available albums, I prefer they choose the best of the best from bands that others may not have given a hard listen to.
  11. Canuckle

    PO Soon: Washed Out - Mr. Mellow

    I agree with how disappointing this was, especially given the length and previous offerings. Glad to see some people enjoyed it.
  12. I post more on the VMP side as a lot of their exclusives and store variants actually end up cheaper for us Canucks than ordering direct through US/EU stores. I'm a big supporter and really enjoy how they expose me to music I wouldn't find on my own given time constraints, where I look, etc. That said, the forum is toxic as heck sometimes. There's a group of on/off/disgruntled members that struggle to not sweat the small stuff, and I just don't get it (I should, it's the god damn internet...). When I log on, 1/2 the time it feels like I walked into a restaurant with a bunch of people who HATE the restaurant but keep coming back to let the chefs and management know how they fucked up, or like a child who keeps telling you they are going to call the social services on you but you know they never will. Give up the ghost, please... Anyways, I do want to say that all communities have their issues, as I think VC can sometimes also display those aggressive / over-obsessive tendencies. But damn, the VMP forum takes it to another level sometimes...
  13. I feel like people want these without first listening to them... but I guess #thehobby
  14. AM will be available for a bit so you can SWAP this month for a different selection or Black Sabbeth(BS). If you are in for AM/BS I think you will find something else to enjoy in the swap selections in a 3 month membership. - Order BS this month (if possible?) - Listen to swap options over the next month. - Decide on a swap option or ROTM (probably Clipse if you are into hip hop) - Grab AM, ROTM or both (buy AM from store)
  15. I'm a 15 minute walk from Rotate so I will pop over tomorrow, as I also have to sell some beauts to keep the collections tuned. If it was 28 I'd be shocked, but I still think they wouldn't get the limited white given I haven't found another distro with it. Either way, I appreciate the head's up @armadillo01!
  16. Do you remember how much? I wanted the white and figured it would be hard to find outside of the official shop. Looks like I may have grabbed the last one too as it is now sold out?
  17. Holy moly this is what I have been waiting for! Thank god I didn't drop that $300 for it in that shop that used be in the Black Market 2 years ago...
  18. VMP have done this in the past. The National Boxer last year was simply a colourway of the widely available pressing. Some people feel the old AM pressing feels 'compressed' but really if you like what you hear, then I don't suspect this pressing to blow it out of the water.
  19. Sadly I don't think they are doing stand-alone side subs yet. But if you sign up for the ROTM, swap it out with something else you want (they have some old RH&H records in the SWAPS now if I am not mistaken...) you should be able to enlist with the side-sub then.
  20. $23 a month (https://app.vinylmeplease.com/profile/addon/rap) And unless you sign up as a new member, the referral will only work once. Reactivating your account will not net you another $10, sorry.
  21. The VMP version was mixed incredibly hot. The preference for something 'cooler' would be personal in my opinion. The locked groove issue exists, but appeared to impact a small percentage and was more noticeable on certain setups. A defect, but far from widespread. I love my red version and am happy others will be able to get in on this through traditional retailer means.
  22. GWTDT was available in their new shop but sold out quickly when they added the discount code for the supplier mess ups. I bought one when they originally came out but frankly, it's a novelty for those who actually care and may be more of a hassle to move for a price you want down the road then the $400 it's worth at BB.
  23. Love that they have a specific order site (Flemish) for Canadian fans and the variant is a bit more interesting, albeit less cohesive with the cover... but still change $13 CAD for shipping... Gonna see if I can get this in store first.
  24. Not as cheap, but the blue variant looks to be out there on a bunch of UK sites... https://bleep.com/release/96060-jon-hopkins-singularity https://www.normanrecords.com/records/169917-jon-hopkins-singularity https://www.juno.co.uk/products/jon-hopkins-singularity/681445-01/
  25. $20 shipping to Canada and noticing the blue is appearing elsewhere (w/o the signed print) so I will hold off for now, but Immunity was top notch and I'm pumped for this.