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  1. Happy release day! It is an actual miracle this album exists. We have been working on this thing on and off for about 5 years now. I’ve never been more proud of this band and the people in it. Truly, this is our favorite record we’ve done. We did this nearly entirely ourselves—with Dave Klyman at the helm. Matt Poirer mixed the hell out of this and Ian Bennett made it louder than an airplane. Big thanks to Justin and Dom for handling our pressing and merch. Thank you to Rusty and the Terrorbird Media team for getting us on the radio, and to Casey at Dark Secret Media for tirelessly lobbying the entire internet about the record. And lastly, thanks to The Gradwell House and Retro City Studios for giving us a place to work that truly feels like home. It has been an insane, difficult couple of years for us. We’re so thankful to still be here sharing this music with you. Hope you dig it—play it loud. US: Restorations – Some Merch (somemerchco.com) EU: Restorations – Restorations – Free Divideree Divide First pressing: https://somemerchco.com/collections/restorations (SOLD OUT) 100 yellow/white/black swirl with limited screen-printed cover by Drew Millward (SOLD OUT) 150 additional yellow/white/black swirl 750 clear
  2. I really wanted to not like this album but, it is quite solid.
  3. BALANCE AND COMPOSURE 500 Bone with Black and Red Splatter (Memory Music Webstore Exclusive) sold out 500 Red with Black Smoke (Memory Music Webstore Exclusive) sold out 1000 Bone and Red Swirl (Balance and Composure Exclusive) sold out 1000 Bone Second Press 500 Black & White Facepaint Swirl
  4. LOL step away from the corporate media. There is a reason we were only shown a less than 9 min clip and not the full 20+ min clip.
  5. LOL step away from the corporate media. There is a reason we were only shown a less than 9 min clip and not the full 20+ min clip.
  6. This is exciting, their tour with Jack’s Mannequin, the Hush Sound, and Copeland was an all time favorite.
  7. Excited, it's been awesome as a fan watching them experiment and evolve from album to album.
  8. Using the word 'limited' to any number above 500 is ridiculous
  9. They’ve been copying other artists for years. Your favorite band sucks podcast does an episode on Green Day and at the end they run through many of their songs and say who each song ripped off. It’s an amazing episode if you or anyone are inclined to check it out.
  10. Leftover tour merch including tour exclusive vinyl up on http://themenzingers.limitedrun.com/
  11. There was probably a good reason there wasn’t a thread for the new album 🤔
  12. He tweeted out 'Preorder Chance's Debut Album Friday' https://www.chanceraps.com/shop (CD only for new album)
  13. I wonder if there will be a split splatter tour exclusive like there has been for the last two albums.

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