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  1. Im moving out soon so i need to get rid of a lot of things I dont listen to anymore or dont really want to own so i can make space and use the money for moving out expensives. All items listed i can provide pictures and more info if needed. Some things ive only played once or twice and some are sealed. Make offers as well and we can possibly come to an agreement. Add an extra $5 for shipping only in US. 7" Adventures / Run Forever Split - Transparent Gold ($5) Adventures - Clear my head with you - baby blue ($5) Circa survive / mewithoutyou split - blue ($20) Dads - Woman EP - RSD 2014 - 912/1000 ($8) Run forever - Big vacation BLACK ($5) SEALED Run forerever - Big vacation PINK ($5) SEALED Test Presses Rescuer - Anxiety Answering 2/20 (make offer) Rescuer - Anxiety Answering 19/20 (make offer) Saints Never Surrender - Brutus - 14/21 (make offer) 12" Counterparts - Tragedy will find us - milky clear/aqua swirl ($20) Dads - American radass (this is important) - Clear w/ Black Smoke ($12) Drop Dead, Gorgeous - in vogue - White w/ Black & Magenta splatter and 7" ($50) Hundredth - Free - white w/ cream splatter ($10) sealed Hundredth - Free - half clear/ half chocolate with cream splatter ($20) sealed Hundredth - Revolt/resist - /100 Coke Bottle Swirl (2015 Subscription) ($35) sealed Hundredth - Revolt/resist -White w/ Heavy Black Splatter ($20) sealed Hundredth - Revolt/resist - half black /half white ($20) sealed Mewithoutyou - Pale horses - rainbow deluxe ($50) Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost - Grimace Purple w/ Baby Blue and Bone splatter ($18) Moose blood - Blush - Black / Pink ($20) Moose blood - Blush - white/ blue/ pink tricolor ($35)SEALED Moose blood - Blush - blue in smash pink ($20) SEALED My iron lung - Relief - half clear / kelley green ($10) SEALED My iron lung - Relief - olive white yellow smash ($8) SEALED Real friends - The home inside my head - white ($10) Real friends - The home inside my head - black w/ white clouds ($20) Real friends - The home inside my head - brown starburst ($25) Real friends - The home inside my head - solid orange ($18) Rescuer - Anxiety answering - transparent ($10) Rescuer - Anxiety answering - olive / cream haze ($5) Rescuer - Anxiety answering - Half Transparent Purple / Half White ($5) Run Forever - Run Forever - black ($5) Run Forever - Run Forever - baby blue ($10) Shai Hulud ‎– Just Can't Hate Enough X 2 - Plus Other Hate Songs -Clear W/ Pink And Purple Splatter ( $15) The Amity Affliction - Let the ocean take me - Half white half red ($30) SEALED The Hotelier - Goodness - cerulean and coral ($20) The Hotelier - Goodness - fawn and field ($20) The Hotelier - Goodness - black ($15) Tigers jaw - two worlds - red ($15) Tigers jaw - two worlds - blue ($10) Tiny moving parts - Celebrate - Black w/ Yellow & Orange Splatter ($15) Tiny moving parts - Celebrate - black 180g ($20) Tiny moving parts - Celebrate - orange/yellow a side/b-side - european press - ($25) TWIABP - Whenever, if ever - translucent red /w white smoke ($15) TWIABP - Whenever, if ever - coke bottle clear ($10) TWIABP - Whenever, If Ever - RECORD RELEASE COVER (make offer)
  2. Got my shipping confirmation email yesterday and today I received the limited vinyl. So I’m wondering if others will receive theirs today as well.
  3. Im not sure if it is a download code or not because i didnt have time to check it before I left to work. I will find out later tonight.
  4. Did anyone else order the Standard Vinyl from them? I just received mines in the mail and it had a little card in it saying #009 on it. I didnt know if it was said that it would be numbered or not.
  5. Gamestop was doing in store pre orders today for the classic super nintendo. I was at work and luckily the closest Gamestop to me is only a few minutes in walking distance so i ran over to see if they were doing pre orders & i got lucky and got one in. The guy at the counter said that they were only getting 6 classic super nintendo's in and i was number 5. It took me so long to get my hands on the classic nintendo, so im glad i was able to grab the classic super nintendo
  6. Grabbed the 6131 exclusive earlier today & was going to grab the matador exclusive, but instead i got ready for work thinking id still have time to grab one. I was wrong. Oh well, at lease i got one of them.
  7. Annoyed I cant pe-order the UK variant without buying the T-shirt.
  8. I am SOOO excited for this. I've been waiting for a new album for awhile now. PV is my favorite album of all time, so I really hope they keep to the sound. Glad i'm off work the day that pre-orders go up. Gonna make sure I grab this. EDIT: Any news on what time pre-orders are going up on Wednesday?
  9. Grabbed a red copy. Im hoping to see them this year with Homesafe. It's gonna be a cool show.
  10. Saw them last night in Pittsburgh and they were amazing. They put on such a solid and emotional set. Grabbed me a peach copy as well.
  11. just got shipping confirmation on my boxset. That was really fast.
  12. my copy just came in. i love that screened b-side. it's so beautiful. i cant wait for my red and splatter.
  13. I expected this to be about that price. For what it is, i think it's well worth it. Only half hour left. I wantz now.