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  1. HOLY SHIT, Sandbag came through! I emailed them at the beginning of January because my Water record had a manufacturing flaw. At the time, they offered either a full refund, or I could wait to see if they got extras with the second pressing. I asked to wait for a replacement. Sure enough, I got an email from them last week saying my replacement would be on the way. A new Water disc arrived today. I figured I would never hear back from them, so it was a nice surprise.
  2. Fuzz Pig

    PO: THE SWORD - Used Future

    After High Country, I think I’ll wait to hear this one first.
  3. That new one is great. I may have to get this after all.
  4. Anybody have an extra download code? I lost mine and would like to listen somewhere other than my living room.
  5. That's what I figured. Launching pigeon shortly.
  6. What's the best email address to use for Sandbag? My Water record is messed up.
  7. Ordered! Sure glad I visited here this morning.
  8. At last night's show, Dustin said the repress had new colors and looked "better than the original." I'm ready.
  9. If anyone is heading to an upcoming show and would be willingly to pick up a particular shirt for me, please let me know! I had to miss them on the first leg of the tour, and this second leg isn't coming anywhere near me. I'm happy to cover any "handling fees."
  10. I sure hope that clip is indicative of what we'll hear on the album. I like JEW's more rockin' stuff.
  11. Mine was delivered but I'm out of town! Sure hope it's still there when I get home tomorrow. I like when pre-orders arrive before the the release date--makes me feel special.
  12. Gotta get Louder Than Love. I have an original DOTU that I snagged long before I had a turntable.
  13. Loving this so far. I haven't listened closely to the lyrics yet, but I'm digging the overall sound and production. The guitar tones are maybe the best of any Thrice album. The packaging is really nice too.
  14. Mine is coming from Crozet too (also two hours from me). My estimated ship date was LAST Friday. Are you sure yours says 5/27 not 5/20?
  15. I joined the board just to say how excited I am for this album. I got my shipping notification this morning.