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  1. ThunderPantz

    FS: My Entire Collection

    Much appreciated.
  2. ThunderPantz

    FS: My Entire Collection

  3. Already got the refund from FYE. At least there's that.
  4. Yup. That has definitely changed.
  5. ThunderPantz

    Recent purchases

    Sometimes youtube suggests some weird stuff you never would have sought out. Sometimes, it's right up your alley. Tracked down a nice, near mint copy of this. Hope my neighbors like it:
  6. ThunderPantz

    PO SOON: Coheed and Cambria — LP9

    This track sounds like its from No World For Tomorrow. Fucking nice.
  7. Bump for this man. Record in NM condition, as described, and packaged like a boss. One happy customer!
  8. This is why I don't think the vinyl bubble will burst any time soon. Nostalgia buys and records with gimmicks can keep things booming for years. To each their own taste of course but some of the albums people are getting really excited about just leaves me befuddled.
  9. ThunderPantz

    The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    This whole hobby has become a satire.
  10. ThunderPantz

    The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    And I already ate my popcorn watching the new episode of Legion. It's going down over there!
  11. I can see how they could justify 200 off this breakdown, which I think is pretty accurate. Not owning any Bebop stuff on blu-ray I can almost justify springing for it. Almost...
  12. The numbers are up for the Bebop pre-preorder: $550: 70/1000, $350.00: 44/1000, $250.00: 169/1000.
  13. My sentiments exactly about the pressing. Lord knows if it will be any good and for that price fuck that.
  14. Bebop is live and good lord. https://www.funimation.com/bebop20th/