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  1. In a continued effort to have the best "looking" record collections, you guys have simultaneously insulted both the band and the graphic designer behind the album. How much of your internet posturing and art critiquing is gonna matter when your 4 copies are sitting on your shelf, not being played, not even being looked at, while you're back on here in a few more months getting up in arms over some other release. Priorities, guys. The new song sounds rad.
  2. Also get Palmless Prayer / A Mass Murder Refrain. One of my favorite records ever.
  3. They played one of the new, heavy songs when I saw them back in April, right after they had finished the writing sessions for these records. That thing was so killer. Like a Russian Circles or "Oceanic" ISIS. It was really surprising, but really incredible. Ordered without hesitation.
  4. Consumer goods are not investments. They are meant for consumption. You can learn this in your first hour of any business class. Anything marketed as "limited" or "collectable" is already on it's way to being worthless. The real collectibles are the things nobody thinks to keep around in mint condition.
  5. Solace is one of my favorite records in the genre. And I will welcome this new one with gratefully open arms and ears. Hope they can do some US touring behind it. I was lucky enough to catch them opening for ISIS on the final tour. What a fuckin show that was.
  6. Man - you should've been at Blue Nile in Harrisonburg in October 2010. Gifts From Enola, If These Trees Could Talk, Beware of Safety, & Constants. Sheathfest!
  7. In that case, can we all agree to avoid City of Echoes?
  8. Everybody should start with Austrailasia
  9. Anyone else pick up Richey Beckett's "The Eagle" today? It's a 24 hour timed release. By tomorrow morning it'll be gone forever http://richeybeckett.bigcartel.com/product/the-eagle-limited-edition-screen-print
  10. "Hey guys, people would like to pay money for your music." "Nahhhh"
  11. Got a little present in the mail yesterday afternoon from my boy Charlie Wagers
  12. youalreadydid has my $$$ and the $$$ from my buddy Charlie who wants one. So I'm definitely in, still.
  13. Don't knock the opaque blue, Tom! The dusty blue in the Caspian YATC/TFT remaster tour press set is beautiful:
  14. AWESOME record. Everyone should have a copy. Four Teeth & Numb Hand are my favorites

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