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  1. I feel you.. just pre-ordered the new Strike Anywhere (200 variant).. but 15USD for the record.. and 22USD for shipping
  2. got the 200 Pinwheel variant. EDIT: only 7 songs?? now I understand the price tag..
  3. St. Pauli exclusive limited to 500 is live https://www.fcsp-shop.com/de_DE/neu/7-inch-alkaline-trio-sp122098 T-Shirt collaboration (men and women) https://www.fcsp-shop.com/de_DE/neu/t-shirt-alkaline-trio-sp012098 https://www.fcsp-shop.com/de_DE/neu/frauen-t-shirt-alkaline-trio-sp022098
  4. it is... but the same applies for Days`n Daze.. it's the regular colored version of the record they are selling the other version is the European retail record store version, which means could be Flight13, Green Hell or Coretex f.e. to my understanding
  5. where did you order that version? I thought this would sell through european stores.. and not KRM...
  6. Strike Anywhere are releasing a new album on Pure Noise on 07/17 pre-order for the european colored vinyl up over at Green Hell https://greenhell.de/Strike-Anywhere-Nightmares-Of-The-West
  7. the UK/Euro Exclusive has another hype sticker..
  8. up on KRM Europe https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/fat-wreck-chords/view/?id=17558&cid=3133
  9. got it from KRM.. standalone variant.. interesting that Fat is posting rough pressing infos for the new releases..
  10. @IanRees do you know if they have the new album already on tour with them this week-end? going to see them in Berlin with The Menzingers on sunday..