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  1. Germans can get these from Flight13 as well.. they are in
  2. I got my copy from KRM today.. got the bone w/ oxblood splatter. and now just hoping that I will get a EURO store edition from my buddy who is at Brakrock
  3. hope so too.. because I was probably the first one who ordered from KRM.. should get the answer this afternoon, because my order is out for delivery!
  4. I ordered the deluxe edition.. I am a big fan of Basement.. so I had to..
  5. still works for me.. maybe it is only available for Germany
  6. Basement just announced their new album "Beside Myself" out on october 12th Pre-Order the deluxe edition: US: https://store.fueledbyramen.com/artists/basement/beside-myself-deluxe-vinyl-1.html EU: https://eurostore.warnermusic.com/eu/artists/basement/beside-myself-deluxe-vinyl-32.html Pre-Order the standard edition: US: https://store.fueledbyramen.com/artists/basement/beside-myself-standard-vinyl-1.html EU: https://eurostore.warnermusic.com/eu/artists/basement/beside-myself-standard-vinyl-32.html Listen to the new single "Disconnect" no news of a pre-order yet
  7. there is an oxblood red indie pool version available in Germany. check Flight 13, Green Hell or Finest Vinyl https://www.flight13.com/thrice-palms/131218 https://greenhell.de/Thrice-Palms https://www.finestvinyl.de/rock-vinyl/thrice-palms-oxblood-vinyl/?item=127644
  8. will be getting my copy today.. then I can check it for you!
  9. got my shipping notification on saturday..
  10. finally git my copy.. blue/pink mix from KRM Europe.. had to wait for the Mad Caddies lp.. what an awesome album!!
  11. Kingsroadmerch is live.. you can get the LP without the shirt! https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/view/?id=12766&cid=1031
  12. pre-ordered the tri-color.. like the new song
  13. I like what I see!
  14. for anyone wondering.. I was at their show yesterday in Berlin (which was great), and they are selling the Dark Blue/Magenta Smash edition