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  1. that's the greatness of using DHL International for shipping to Europe.. way lower costs then with USPS and I got all of my records without custom fees this year
  2. not as of right now.. they might repress it on splatter vinyl.. like it was mentioned two posts above yours
  3. got shipping notice from Relapse as well for my record
  4. After more than half a year after I ordered The Decline, I got my copy today. Thx Covid!
  5. Sorry to bump an old thread.. but is anyone selling a colored copy of the record for a decent price?
  6. yeah because it seems that Merch Cowboy have gotten a wrong variant..
  7. should be getting my record tomorrow
  8. just wanted to let you know that my copy showed up today.
  9. got a shipping confirmation from Smartpunk UK today...
  10. well the same here.. Dog needed to go out during the night.. as it was still available, I bought a copy